Entering Triplets

Hello Folks,

What is the quickest way to enter triplet figures, within a given stream of notes? Is it by using the pattern editor commands such as ZL03 or similar?

Also, what’s the best setting for quantizing triplet figures when notes are inputted live?

Thanks in advance!
Tom Bitondo

I could have sworn I saw a tool once that makes it easier but I can’t find it now… Anyways I believe the most popular method of doing triplets is using 12 lpb. This lets you do normal notes and triplets quite easily. If you want to keep using 4 lpb you’ll have to do some math:

4 lines * 100(hex) = 400(hex). Divide 400 by 3 (if you’re on windows, the calculator should have a “programmers” view that can do hex) and you get 155. 155 is one line plus 55/100 of a line, easy to do in your head. So first note goes on the first line, second note goes on the 2nd line with 55 in the delay column. Now you don’t have to add the 155 again, you know 100=1 line so you just add 55 to 55 to get AA, which will go on the 3rd line. If you add 155 again you get to FF which just brings you to the next beat so the 4th line is blank.

Or more simply, do this:

In Renoise 3.0 you also have the option of using a “phrase” with 3 lpb which you can do without changing the song’s lpb.

Yes there is:

Most of Kieran’s stuff is really good enough for the tools site, i wish he would post more of his stuff there as well, its so much easier backtracking than having to resort to google to find stuff back on this forum.
But i suspect he doesn’t put them up there because he might not have the time to update all these tools with each new Renoise update :P