env-follower: target track from inside a sampler instrument

It would be useful if you could target tracks from inside a sampler instrument. E.g. if I use a drumkit and want just the bassdrum of the drumkit to influence other parts of the song.

A bit like how it was discussed to have outputs for Doofer devices?

I like that idea. We could set up generic outputs within the instrument, and then glue actual devices and instruments together using the Instr. Macro device (expanded with an additional output section, in the same way I could imagine the Doofer to have outputs)

Hm, but I could work-around this limitation by using two tracks with the drumset/instrument, right? And the samples inside the drumset still can influence each other using env followers (this is what I didn’t realize).

For simplicity I would say that targeting tracks should be possible. Ok, if the drumset is loaded to another project, the meta-devices targetting tracks has to be set to “none”…