Dest/Out Macro on Doofer


So, I’ve managed to figure out how to make some pretty complex metadevices with the doofer… but the problem is, anything I want to control with my custom metadevice needs to be inside the doofer itself, as none of the metadevices I have within the doofer can point outside the doofer itself.

Can I please have a dest/out macro on the doofer that can control parameters outside the doofer? This would make me shut up about so many metadevices I have trapped inside my head… and it would result in me contributing so many cool things to this community.

Actually, strike that… not one dest/out macro, but multiple would be great. I have many metadevice ideas that need multiple outs.

For instance, the Perlin Noise LFO I’ve been asking for for quite a while now… … hey look, I did it myself! Now I have no way to assign it to things :(

+1 if it doesn’t break anything… i say you can’t go wrong with having the functionality vs. not having it, if it doesn’t get in the way and/or break stuff.

This does seem like a reaaally cool idea. +100

Well people have been asking for various customized metadevices for ages… I could create a good portion of those with doofers alone. It would take quite a load off the devs.

While interesting, by doing so, one would be building a reusable DSP “device” that is coupled to the current Song and track. Could control be flipped such that devices on the track DSP chain inspect values of the Doofer?

I’m not sure there’s currently a way to monitor parameters in an effect chain, no… and that would seem to be directly opposed to the current Renoise metadevice paradigm

Did anyone actually try out this doofer? Good stuffs, I tell you :P

Hmm I tried - should I be able to copy-paste this into renoise dsp area just like any other device? I can’t make it work… :wacko:

You’ll probably have to right click the link I posted and save as … should be an xrdp file… then load a Init doofer, and import the preset file via the preset dropdown on the doofer

Also, you’ll notice right off that the final hydra in the chain can’t be assigned to anything (hence the feature request), but the Input for it will be moving in a very interesting pseudorandom manner… this is 3 octave “fractal” smooth perlin noise… it’s as close to organic randomness as you’ll get for linear parameter tweaking. I’m really kinda interested in using it as a +/- on existing metadata… so you can humanize automation data nondestructively while still keeping the precision of linear/curve/whatever parameter changes.

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yeah this would be a great feature! not sure about the technicalities.

maybe doofer to doofer? or even something that just received that you could place destinations into.

it’d be very helpful from an organization standpoint to keep “modulation doofers” on one track and set the destinations of the modulation to tracks that are being modulated.



Interface wise, I guess the doofer should have two different panes in that case? Page 1 with the rotaries, and page 2 looking something similar to the hydra device outs (but without the scaling modes).

Just caught this comment… What do you mean by “panes”?

You mean like the EQ’s have a dropdown that allows different visual layouts?