Envelope Per Sample

I cut up drum loops and put all the samples in an instrument. Then I recreate original drum loop by adding the right notes…
Then I start chopping the sample up, rearranging the drum loop.
You can put an envelope on an entire instument, which means that the envelope gets mapped to every drum sample, but fe you want the hihats to mute faster then the kick. So I really need to set different envelopes for each sample.

Is that possible at all?

Or do you think of any other creative use of renoise the mimic this behaviour.

I know that in theory I could use a new instrument for each sample, but when a general loop consists of 30-40 samples, and a usage of 10 loops in a track is not even much, it is not a very thrilling thought to have to do it that way.

Is it btw possible to extract patterns from tracks and import them in others? I would really like that. Like that I don’t have to copy the work I put in my drum loops every time over and over again.


this would rule!

and even for instruments with one sample it would be nice if we could edit the envolopes in relation to the sample (given a basenote of course), directly in the sample editor.

I noticed in the sample editor you can add a fade in/fade out to a sample, but it would already be nice to be able to edit the envelopes used to fade.
What I really need is a begin point and an end point, and a toggle to change the way the envelope reaches the end point, like linear/logarithmic/exponential…

It seems not possible so it might be better to post this in the feature requests?
I don’t use renoise very long already so I thought it would be better to ask about it’s existance first…


Well maybe someone has some ideas, but I couldn’t come up with anything… except your idea/question being implemented of course! :D

+1 for border, hoping for this feature too for along time.
Same for layering drumsounds in one instrument.
Add a nice slicer to this and I am ready to upgrade to version 7.00