Envelope Per Sample

I asked about this in this thread -> Envelope Per Sample
and it did not seem to be possible, so I post it in the ideas section now:

For drum instruments I need to adjust each samples envelope. It is just essential to create a great sounding drum (fe for drum & bass) to be able to add a start envelope and an end envelope to each drum sample. And they need to be different for each sample. When applying the same volume envelope to every single sample, that just does not cut it. Some need to sound longer than others…

So my idea comes down to this:
In the sample editor you can add a fade in and a fade out to each sample. That is close to what I need, but I figure that that creates a linear fade in/out. I need to be able to choose between linear, exponential and logarithmic.
What I also do not like about the fade in/out at the moment is that you can not easily undo it when you’ve already done other stuff. It would make more sense to be able to adjust the fade in/out after a while. To change the duration, and the form afterwords or just disable it.

So I would make the ‘process fade in/out’ button an ‘activate fade in/out’ button (in and out seperately of course).
To have a point on the sample which can be dragged to change the length of the fade in/out.
And a switch to choose the style of the fade in/out (linear, exponential, logarithmic).

Do you think that would be possible?

If I’m able to do something similar with the scripting part of renoise 2.6 I hope somebody can explain me how. I would be glad to do it myself when I find the time.


One day the whole xrni instrument structure is going to get an overhaul and I think you can rely on the fact oft-requested thing like this and multi-layered samples will be included in this. Unfortunately Renoise never gives notion of when enhancements are going to take place, which does mean some people get disgruntled, but it also means marvelous surprised like auto-seek for samples and OSC in what we were all told was just going to be a miner update.

Hopefully soon is all I can say…

you can use volume column in the pattern editor, (and use the log,exp,or lin interpolate commands) and render that to a new sample.not the best way of doing it, but it works.(could also be temposynced then if you work in the same bpm as the song your working on)

Have you tried using the volume slicer pattern commands (06xx - up, for fading in / attack and 07xx - down for fade out/decay)?

This will allow to adjust the length of drum samples with a more natural sounding envelope than note-off, for example using 07xx on a snare sample with a pre-rendered reverb tail.

yep ; something I’ve been wanting to for a ong time ,
I am sure it will happen in the no so distant future , untill then assign your samples to a separate instrument

06xx and 07xx commands work well for this purpose.

I tried it, but at first sight it does not do what I want to.
It does not leave me much room to find the point where my samples need the fade out envelope (I mean the starting point).
When I add the pattern command 07xx on the same line as my sample trigger note, it does cut the sample, but changing xx does not seem to make much difference.
On the next line, usually there is already another sample, so there’s no space to extend or shorten the envelope.
Do I have to change the line resolution (LPB if I understand correctly?).

As I see it now, it doesn’t give me any precise control to set the end point of the fade in nor the starting point of the fade out.
And I cannot change the curve of the envelope at all.