Euro 2008

How come we are not talking soccer yet!?!?!?
Who’s your favorite and why?
Who’re you supporting?

I’m holding my breath for Turkey Czech Rep game!
Rooting for turkey!

Oranje going good this EC! :D

Because, if I may qoute AVGN on this one, it sucks monkey f*ck… ^_^

I live in what was once the portuguese neighborhood of Montreal (west plateau, south of mille end).

A lot of people honking their horns and waving portuguese flags.

I have no idea who’s winning as I don’t watch soccer. But there’s a lot of ruckus outside.

Go underdog Netherlands!!! tho i route for italy for some strange reason.
But Netherlands deserves to get to the top this year.
remember 1992? :D


Yes, the year of the underdog - Denmark beat Holland, and then went on to beat Germany in the finals.
But the only team I’ve ever really rooted for was Cameroun in the World Cup 1990. If more top teams played like that (actually playing), I might be more interested in the sport.

I would actually be interested in the games if Berlin wasn’t so FULL of people sitting in cafes in front of a TV. It makes me realize what a useless thing it is to watch other people play soccer. I don’t care for the “but… but… it brings people together”, because if it brings them together to talk about trivial BS, they might as well stay apart for all I care. Respect for anyone who can run around for 90 minutes, but the sooner flags turn into molten blankets of pain whenever they are waved, and national anthems choke everyone who sings them, the better. That’s all from your friendly neighbourhood reporter, back to the studio.

… If only Germany played better this EC, no? ;)

I am supporting Germany (cause Im living here)
but also I support Turkey, cause Ive got some friends and they beat the shit out of meh, if I refuse to support ;D
no, seriously cause my Turkey friends support Germany.

I believe that this referee also can only speak of memories after that match. I believe he never got a chance to blow that whistle in any match again.

beeing in final is actually pretty good, no?

Yes yes… I know… still, I’m gratefull… Everytime Turkey won a match,
they’ve been terrorising the streets of Rotterdam, so I had a good night’s
sleep when Germany won.

hehe yeah… right now im watching russia-spain. I hope spain wins :)

spain!! :yeah:

now lets see germany-spain :) Sorry all you germans, but i hope Spain gets the title :)

i dont like soccer and russia suck at soccer.

Woohoo spain-germany!!!

too bad the netherlands didn’t beat russia :(

I really like the way Matadors play soccer: emotionally, technically and intolerantly. I also like the scientific soccer of Germans, yet I hope Spain wins the final.

Yes, I agree. They were really cool in the second half of the semi-final against Russia.

After 24 years, we are again in the final and playing really well!

You don’t really know what a feeling of disappointing we get in Spain everytime there is an international championship. People get excited, we have good players but then, the national team never does anything important. Always failing the quarter finals. There are even jokes about it. Some shops have ads saying “If Spain passes quarter final you get a 25% off the list price”.

This time it seems that there is a reason for being happy. And I’m also happy to read here and there that a lot of different people like Spanish team. I think that the final will be a great match for everybody to watch. Germany are used to win, we have go so far that we can’t stop now!