Evoke 2008, 8th - 10th August, Cologne

So, who’s there?
Awesome303, L00zah, tehblue, g-spot, tictac, neel?

Not yet 100% sure if I’m there but things looking good so far.

Last year was lots of fun so I was definitely hoping to be there again this year, but unfortunately I don’t think it will be possible. I am not working right now so I have absolutely no new money coming in, and I’m spending my savings a lot faster than I expected to. :blink: :(

So, I have to be sensible on this occasion and say no the party. :angry:

Hey, me too! :)

When and where is evoke ?

August 8th - 10th, in Cologne, Germany.


And it’s not really far from the netherlands hint hint

dblue: Too bad, will miss your nuts driving danceacts. :(

dblue … oh man!
you bloody promised it ! (i know you didn’t, but claiming that you did makes you look really mean for all the others hehe)
everybody else - don’t worry. i’ve studied and internalized his seemingly inscrutable dance moves, so that i’m meanwhile a master of the dblue dance art. i’ll do my best to remedy his absence… all i need is some long island icetea and maybe a bit sex on the beach to get the engine runnin’. so there we go ! :D

#%^$% Europeans…

That’s great! That just fits well together with your female lead-singer performance on stage then, which is infact beeing secretly organised right now. :ph34r:

I am invited on a birthday… I want to see you guys.

So: Birthday is every year. Car is not broken this time. I think (!) I’d come to evoke.

I cannot attend as I will be on TEH LA GOMERA during the whole of august, which is my first “real” vacation in this millenium o_O

to sum this up, only the hardcore remains:
gilli, pt, marc, me

guess that’s about it from the renoise dept., or did i miss s.o. ?

missing in action:
dblue (broke)
beatslaughter (broke)
taktik (seems unintrested, doesn’t reply to anything related)
theneel (can’t come)
foo? (hates europeans!=)
johann (occupied)
snoox aka kenny beltrey (not confirmed yet, but i guess now that dblue is out, he lost intrest)
looza (at least i haven’t seen any confirmation towards his attendance)

btw: official page has finally been updated
besides the usual ogg/mp3 and tiny music compo, there is a new one as well:


  • 12 second loop

  • wave file format only

  • original loops (not used in a track before)

  • will be played for one minute

sounds like fun to me!

Oh, and I’m very excited about the loop compo. Trying to get something done for it, too.

@Looza: Please say yes!

@Foo?: A demoparty in Australia arranged by you and Mick would be very attractive to me.

Mick and I will do this one day, for sure. We’ll give everyone a year’s notice. Make a tracker festival out of it or something…

<3 Europeans… Just jealous ;)

I’m having an exam for my driver’s license next thursday. I already have a car so if I pass the exam you will see me there :)

i keep my thumbs pressed, would be nice to have some newcomers around :)
and always remember: Het is onverantwoord zo hard te rijden !

It depends… In Germany only one thing is important:Keep a good eye on your mirrors and watch out carefully before flanking out to the left of the road (you can forget about your tachometer).
But if you drive 180km/hour, you will be there quicker. At least in Germany, you can do that.

vV, i didn’t quite get your point, but i think you’re relating to the “no speedlimit” thing on the german autobahn, i suppose.
unfortunately, there are a few problems with the non existant speed limitation:

  1. it’s only true, when there is no traffic signs telling you to drive slower
  2. such signs are almost EVERYWHERE (max 120km/h here max 100 km/h there… etc)
  3. if there is no such sign limiting the speed, which is really RARE, then the other drivers will… because it’s really not amusing to drive @230km/h when suddenly a 110km/h driving ford fiesta decides to pull over to the left track just a few dozen meters ahead of you… wheee, i can smell the brakes…

Will try (and take my laptop with me this time), but can not promise if/when/how/where/why/who, sorry…

I know, yet the limits in Germany are higher than usual when speaking about speed limits in general, specially NL vs Ger:
Country road:NL:80, Ger:100
Highway limited:NL:100 / 80 (city ring) Ger:120
Only with “Baustellen” this is lower (60 Ger vs 70 NL)

The thing with part 3 is: a driver using common sense anticipates on the situation of the road. The more crowded, the less fast you can drive. My car does not reach 230Km/h, but regulary 150 to 160 is my top-limit in Germany. I don’t behave like “a foreign drug-tourist” who wants to abuse the situation completely over the edge so that things also really get nasty.
Another thing is that a person who is driving 110 and pulls his car over to the left lane when you are that close (a few dozen miles) is actually begging for rampage, even in the Netherlands.
The speed limit there is 120, but if you doing between 130 and 140, the only thing you need to watch out for are the speeding-camera’s along the road side. But a cop won’t pull you off the road that fast with that kind of offense.

I believe in and around Berlin, traffic is hell enough that cops leave you alone (even if you break speedlimits) as long as things go alright, but if you fuck up there, you’re really busted.