Evoke 2008, 8th - 10th August, Cologne

It wouldn’t be really amusing either when you are driving in the left lane and you see a Porsche carrera GT in the rear view mirror closing in to you at 330 Km/h!!!

I’m curious, when there’s no speed limit, you can never break the law, so driving at very high speed should loose its pleasure! :D

The non-existing speedlimit is the reason why I usually make long trips at night. Yesterday I chased a BMW with 210 km/h :)

So, I cancelled my birthday-appointment and will definetly be at evoke this time :)

You sicko’s! I’ll beat you all with my Rover 114 XD

So… how much is the ticket? And where can I buy it? What about the compo’s, do I need to compose the tunes in Evoke or can I already make them at home? The Evoke site is a bit unclear regarding this matter…

i don’t know the exact ticket prices… but if i recall right they always were around 20 EUR orso.

two years ago i entered the multichannel compo (which has meanwhile been abandoned) with an xm i wrote in 1996.
so nobody really expects you to write the tune at the partyplace, but if you think it is a good idea, you’re of course free to do so.

btw;: keep us updated about your license test success on thursday, VP !

Do I buy them at the door or can I pre-order? I’m looking forward to it pretty much! :)

I’ll notify you all about my results, I’m nervous as hell though… it’s my only chance because I’m going back to school next month and will have no more money for an extra exam :(

EDIT: So you entered the compo with an already released tune? I thought that was not allowed :o Well, I think I will have the perfect tune for the compo then, “Autobahn”! (you can find it on these forums) Perhaps I’ll make an Evoke edit or something :)

huh? ?
it’s explicitly forbidden to enter any of the compos with an already released song/demo/intro/pic/anim/etc.
i merely wrote that i made the tune in 1996 - which doesn’t imply that i also released it back then. it was snoozing on my HD since a decade until its release at evoke :)

Do they have any compos where the works have to have been created during the party? That’s what I always imagined it was, everybody scrambling to get their work done that weekend.

Would be a good place for a shitload of 1 hour compos :)

So? You come you come you come you come?! ;)

I PASSED THE TEST!!! You can’t believe how happy I am now! :dribble:

See you in germany :)

Do you have it now?

Wow Kaneel, I’m sorry. Here in america, they teach us how to drive free. In school. I failed my driving test the first time (also free to take), and then I took it again 2 days later, and passed. Paid all of $10 to get my license printed.

Another reason why america > france. :D

Wow… in total my license must have cost around 1500 euro’s… I failed once though.

I would do that to get to my work, but it’s too far and there’s not a good route other than the highway which would be really dangerous. :(

I have been busy as f*** for the past months (new, great job and I haven’t worked out a proper rhythm for my new life yet) and I don’t know yet how I will get there, but… I will come definately. :D
I also have been working on a liveset with Roquette Science aka DHG/Unik/Park in the past weeks which we will test-drive in Koblenz next week, hopefully we can sneak ourselves into the tracks-event at the last minute.

I call him rawcat science when he is not around. :)

Super great!

Hey io,
sometimes they do have compos like that. There’s always a fun compo at the party, which is not always made for composing music. For example, at last winter’s tUM you had to do some drawings and let the crowd decide by applause, if your painting was better than the one of your rival.

Grats!!..And drive carefully ;)

Yeeeehaa! :)

whew, looks like this year’s getting crowded with renoising renoisers. :)

I’m not sure, if I can send in any entries for the compos this time though. Too much other work to do and an unstable queue. Will probably do a track for an 4k intro but that’s it actually. :expressionless: (but that means now, I’ll definatly be there! :P )

Anyone elses entries finished already?

g-e-i-l-o-m-a-t ! :)

there are a couple of “work in progress” tracks i might consider releasing there.
what i’m currently wondering about it, if the jury would disqualify me when releasing a tune on the part of which i posted a preview on e.g. youtube or alike. any ideas ?
but mp3/streaming compo is definately on the schedule and i’m positive i’ll get something done until then.

tiny compo is more like possibly/maybe. got something half-way done, but not sure i’ll make it under the filesize limit.

loop compo… hell… everyone should be able to get something done for this one, even if it has to be done at the partyplace.

damn you non-canadians and your non-canadian scene … which is not so conveniently located as to be in canada :P