Evoke 2008, 8th - 10th August, Cologne

Btw. Demoscene.tv is going to broadcast teh evöke :)

I can’t come anymore. My gf was in Italy on her birthday so she decided to celebrate it on another date… the 9th of August >< We’ll be going to a big party somewhere in Amsterdam so I won’t be amongst living Sunday.

Better luck next year I supose…


very unfortunate…
i hope she’s worth’ it ! ;)

I will be there at 4am tomorrow morning. I hope. I pray my car works this time…

I really hope i can come next year, but for this year i’ve collabed with ptrance on a song for the streaming music compo. :)

the ptrance calls himself raYn / BluFlame or ptrance^raYn / BluFlame for this track! … errr, whatever :wacko:

How about we ALL go next year? I couldn’t afford the trip this year, I’m going to Russia in a few weeks. But I gotta shake hands with the neel once before I die.

…And a top track it is. :yeah:

Oh btw, Happy Birthday to the 'Neel. :D

So, are all you attending guys really undercover hackers/crackers? :slight_smile:

Somehow, I always link the demoscene with this kind of thing.

So… evoke was really SCHEISSE, no?

^^^ I remember “you haz a sad”! ;)

Yes and it was Kenny Beltreys fault. Now you owe me two more Jägermeister. ;) j/k
Ok… it was my own stupidity. Trying to submit your entry while beeing in drunkenmode doesn’t really work well together. hic :smashed:

I just got the result.txt from scene.org, evoke’s official website has not been updated yet. I’m waiting for the files to be uploaded to scene.org.

Where can I hear ‘Crowbar Massacre’?

Uploaded it now: https://forum.renoise.com/t/beatslaughter-ptrance-rayn-bluflame-crowbar-massacre/22815


seriously, i personaly have three criterias that determine the quality of such an event:

1. the social aspect
how many interesting people are there to talk, have fun and booze with?

regarding this, it was probably the best evoke so far, because there was no single moment of boredom for me throughout the three days and i got to meet both - old, well known mates and quite a bunch of “new” people, including some really old fellas, of whom i thought i’d never see again in this life.
besides that, one could also observe an increasing amount of females attending the event, which aids the already very pleasant atmosphere ofc.

2. the quality of the entries/compos
so in the 1st place it’s a demoparty, even though most of us here, or at least i, have not that much affiliation with demos actively.
but still i enjoy watching them and as this evoke had only 3 entries which are not even worth the mention, i guess it’s safe to say it was a catastrophe.
music competitions were of a pretty high quality though.
especially the loop compo had two absolutely astonishing entries by cosmic/fmc and wayfinder.
i still can’t believe this stuff and how it actually works to write a loop which sounds like as if it wasn’t a loop.
creepy shit.

3. organization of the party / compo results
there will always remain a few aspects i just cannot understand the way they’re handled at such an event.
so there is the music competition and there are the demo/intro competitions.
when the music compo is running, you’re really having trouble to actually SENSE the audio if you’re not directly near the stage, because the volume is generally simply way too low.
i can understand that they keep it a little bit down in the tiny compo, where also some ear-penetrating chip tunes are being played, but for the ogg/mp3 compo they should definately crank that fader way up.
i mean it’s the MUSIC compo, innit?
besides that the volume difference of the individual tracks fluctuates also way too much for my taste.
it shouldn’t be an issue to adjust it to one and the same level (even every 50$ 2-channel battle mixer does have a level-meter divided into a db scale).

then there is the demo compo and as soon as it starts you’re wondering why suddenly the orgas have no problem in increasing the volume for about twice the loudness.

result wise it feels always a big strange when “the usual suspects” get the higher spot positions, even though you haven’t the slightest clue concerning what’s so special about the respective tune, especially when compared to some other really good tracks, written by less famous and popular names.

take a look at the tiny music compo and compare its last place to the upper ones.
there simply is no relation, because imho the last place is actually the winner as it’s simply amazing what cosmic did with just 64k in renoise.

i also had the impression that way fewer people attended the event when compared to the previous years.
the main hall even felt a bit empty if you ask me.
heise.de states about 400 visitors, i think it actually weren’t more than 150 people.

nevertheless, it was of course still worth the while and i’d encourage everybody else to join the whole thing for 2009 to make it an even better stay.

Found especially this one very dissapointing, it was the best track done in 64k in my opinion, followed by yours and very few others. Most of the rest was just boring chiptunes i can’t relate with much.

that maybe applies partially for the tiny music. but even there, not all top5 tracks were demostyle/chip.
ogg/mp3 compo is dominated by dnb /w lyrics or random stuff with funny lyrics since JCO and DQ took part for the 1st time.
you should also know that.

yeah, and NVscene definately plays a role concerning the lack of entries.
maybe even assembly this year, since it’s just been one week before evoke.

Good news for further years newcomers ;)

I absolutely agree. Points make no sense to me. I wonder what are the criteria for judgement. In tiny music the range is 92 points, and the top is 107. I don’t feel this much difference between the 1st and last entries at all. In other compos the same issue is repeated. Maybe I’m not musician enough to evaluate the entries properly? :blink:

I’m really interested to have your <64k entry. Any link to dl?

BTW, ‘infinit_up’ loop by cosmiq is cute. :)