Evoke 2012


I, hereby of kaneel incorporated of les internets, will be attending evoke 2012.
Yes that’s right, 5 years after the amazing renoise meeting of evoke 2007, I’d like to give YOU the opportunity to come at evoke 2012 and have some beers with fellow renoiser demosceners.

We’ll be organising beer belly compos, swap pictures of our kids and talk about “teh good oldeh times”. A chance not to miss, really.

P.S.: all evoke 2007 attenders are more than welcome, if anybody can hook with lost or idle board members, it’s the right moment to do so.


I’ll take that as a “yes, indeed sir I will come and dance all night long, with absolut vodka, on my shoes”

Awesome! See you there sir :)

Ah! Sir, I’ll be collecting pictures of you in the restrooms, I already have one on my cellphone, let’s get more!

Note to self: Bring super sexy undahwear!

I actually thought you were the kind of sexey not wearing any ;)

The new page is up BTW. See you there. :)

UP. Next week!

Who’s in? Who’s out? Who will come and kick my ass?

If one of you pays my plane ticket I’ll be there ASAP. Can’t we have something like this in America please!?!!?


Oh come on Troupe… don’t tell me you can’t get booked for a Speak gig in Köln ;)

By the way, what do you mean by “something like this in America”… a demoparty, a renoise meeting or… a kick-kaneel-ass party?
Because actually, there used to be a small one at least but I’m not sure if it’s still alive.

They really need girls there don’t they? :lol:

More like a Renoise party… but really most of my best scene friends are European/Canadian anyway so we just need to smash the continents together and have a raging good time in Atlantis. MISS U GUYZ

Dogs allowed? Camping allowed? If so, maybe I’ll try to hitchhike like in the good old days. But I definitely won’t bring anything interesting, I don’t own a notebook ATM. It would be solely to drink some beers with some renoisers and… what was it? Kick kaneel? I’m all for this, even though I don’t really know you. ama noob. :)

It’s some kind of tradition since… well, more than a decade. More of a gentleman thing if you ask me.

if you hit Paris, you know who’s around (that’s not because I got a kid that I don’t partaaayyyyy)

dogs: no idea, not sure, who knows.
camping: well, considering a demoparty is a good occasion for sleeping under desks in rooms full of people coding, drinking, with chiptunes played loud, I don’t think there is rules against camping… but I’m not sure there’s grass around the place.
kick kaneel: well, ahem :)
beers: Kölsh is the party queen.

Not coming this year. Next year I shall!


Actually I was thinking of doing a 2 week roadtrip somewhere around Europe in search of fellow sceners! Been thinking of doing that sorta trip for a few years now and guess next year it’ll actually happen.


Just be sure yo hit me by email first so we can be sure you can hit my sofa then ;)

I am coming with my girlfriend. I even plan to submit something. We’ll see…