Ewql Symphonic Choirs


Anyone got this samplelib/VSTi from East West? I am curious to weather the word builder (function that lets you build the words you want said) works in Renoise or not. I would love to buy it, but if this doesnt work in Renoise, I’d rather use the plethora of good vocal pad samples I allready own.


VST MA plugins are not natively supported in Renoise (VST MA is a MIDI-out only plugin)

Since the reservation method for the MIDI devices has changed since 1.9 (MIDI devices are only reserved and accessed when chosen), you might be able to route Wordbuilder’s data through MIDI -Yoke from another host but natively from within Renoise this is still impossible.

Will things like this ever be possible in Renoise? I am asking, because I also own Cubase 4 where this kind of stuff is simple. But I would like to have this work without interrupting my workflow, which is limited to Renoise (I use Cubase for mixing/mastering only, since I can use my UAD-1 card etc etc). MIDI Yoke and other routing type programs is not something I would like to use…


If you are patient enough to wait for “ever” then it will likely be implemented in the future.
There are a lot of routing features that are wanted or desired.
This is Taktik’s response about the whole VST-MA architecture which more or less says enough about the wordbuilder plugin regarding its state as a fully qualified VST:

If i browse the net for information, Cubase, Nuendo pops up regarding support for these types of plugins and the MFX plugins are supported by Sonar.
Also, the VST-MA plugins seem only produced for EWQLSC.

So it seems that that this is not really a generic and widely supported plugin format.
You can still run a stand-alone version of Wordbuilder, you don’t explicitly have to run it inside Cubase.

It is not that the format is closed, but the use of this format does not make it really interesting for software developers to implement support for such format. It depends on how much differences there are between regular VST and VST-MA.

The SDK for the VST-MA format can be downloaded here:

Here’s even how FL-Studio developers advise users how to use EWQLSC:

They practically say the same:
Run as standalone version then use a MIDI routing driver to connect the host and EWQLSC together.
They do advise to try running MFXShell (shell VST application that seems to run wordbuilder without problems): http://xlutop.com/buzz/zip/dxshell_v1.01b.zip

Maybe someone can write some installation notes specially for Renoise regarding this.