Ext. MIDI Bank Change +1

Hi, I have connected to Renoise a Access Virus TI, Yamaha Motif ES, Kurzweil PC3, Yamaha FS1R…
If I have to change to bank 4 in Virus, I have to write 5 in Renoise Bank field, same to all other synth.
Why? Thanks

I suspect this depends on what offset the external midi device translates the received value to. Apparently the Virus interprets bank 00 as bank 1.
All values start at 0 and count up to a maximum value (usually 127 in the 7-bit midi world), they are send in plain midi language and then translated by the device to its own figures.

The same problem can rise with sending the octaves. A midi device can either start from Octave 0 or consider octave 0 to be octave 1. A C4 on Renoise can be taken as a C5 on a midi device, however Renoise complies to the Midi standard and sends the notevalue for a C4-note as the midi table suggests it.

I hope this answer helps a bit.

OK, but the problem is not only with virus, but also with motif es, kurzweil pc3, yamaha fs1r, nord electro 3…

I suspect i see the problem, banks and program sending can also be turned off. Most likely that is set to value 0 which isn’t send.
This would also mean that you could not set the bank to 1 on these devices, might that be correct?

I just never saw this as an issue, but I agree it’s not very handy to always count -1

No, if I want to change to bank 1 I have to set renoise to bank 2. It is not a big problem at all, it is only a bit confusing!
infact, bank and program change go from 0 to 127, and not from 1 to 128!