Extra fine-tune?

Hi guys,
Is something like this available in renoise?
Xxy Extra fine portamentos: ( from milkytracker manual)

I think Gxx is the most precise as you wish, or is there anything not possible with it?

See this example, starting at song pos 22, pwm str:
International Karate (Hanz Meyzer Chiptune Edit) R3.1up.xrns (1.5 MB) (Play at 48kHz, due old filter’s samplerate dependency)

The thing is that this portamento from milkytracker is really just extra fine pitch up/down, not really a glide-to-note like you provided.
nonetheless, great tune :slight_smile:

Sure, but isn’t the concept “slide-to-target-note” much more precise for portamentos? I don’t know milkytracker though. Thanks, but not my composition hehe.

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@ffx thank you for your kind words but,

i think the extra-fine-portamento in milkytracker/ft2 is much more detailed than glide-to-target-note in renoise?
aand if there is no target note in renoise, is it supposed to work like extra-fine one?
please guys with more technical knowledge, chime in :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe ask @joule or @dblue or @4tey then, they will know.

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Yeah, I requested this as well.

Extra fine is on a level where you can fake-PWM stuff in a controlled manner. I guess you’re supposed to do stuff like that in the instrument. Renoise isn’t meant to be that hardcore when it comes to pattern editing :slight_smile:

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well, i find this a bit daunting… and is the reason why i still go back go milky/ft2 clone… (i get it - it isn’t really so important, but i’m a freak, and i cannot help it)

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