Extreme Sampler Converter & Xrni 2.7 Support

Extreme Sampler Converter is a great tool for converting sample libraries, even for batch converting VSTi to sample kits… it converts all of these below:

Patch to Patch Conversions
Yamaha TYROS 2 Custom Normal Import and Export
Renoise XRNI instrument and XRNS song Import, XRNI instrument Export
Dash Signature Import and Export
VSTi Sampling using VSTi Converter
Hardware Sampling using Hardware Converter
SoundFont Import and Export
GigaSampler Import and Export
GigaStudio 1.0/2.0 Import
GigaStudio 3.0 Import and Export, full support for accelerated 16-bit and 24-bit files and splitted giga files .gx01
Solton MS-40/50/60 Import and Export (special editor included)
Sampletank 1.0 Import and Export
DLS Downloadable Sounds Level 1 Import
DLS Downloadable Sounds Level 2 Import and Export
SampleFarm Import
DS-404 Import and Export
Creamware Pulsar STS Import and Export
Akai S5000/S6000/Z4/Z8 Import and Export
Halion 1 Import
Halion 2 Import and Export
Halion 3
Import (Steinberg Dongle required)
Kontakt 1/2/3* Import and Export
Wusikstation 1/2/3/4 Import and Export
Sfz Import and Export
EmulatorX* Import and Export
ProteusX* Import and Export
Samplelord Import and Export

What is missing is support for the xrni re-write which we had blessed upon us with the release of renoise 2.7…
I’ve emailed extranslator once or twice since April, but have heard nothing back.

Have any others heard back on any inquiries on an update to ESC? I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering on when ESC might get this update…

brushing the cobwebs from this post… has anybody heard anything from this guy?

I’d imagine if he really was working on a 4.0 release he would have been in touch with some of the renoise devs regarding the 2.7 xrni re-write. we’re almost at 2.8 and his tool still only converts to the old xrni format before keygroups.

That’s like photoshop without layers… which I do remember. version 2? 2.5?


I own ESC3, and it’s fantastic. I just tested a conversion of SF2 → XNRI and it works as expected, all the layers are there.

What is part of 2.7 XRNI that ESC3 misses to do?

Are keygroups different than zones? It converted OK with SF2 → XRNI in ESC v3.60

Thanks for the link. I have an item from realsamples.
…and have been trying convert it xrni…

I just downloaded Kontakt Player which really is
just a demo of the full Kontakt. I’ve been able to use the patches, which is nice,
since the sample labeling made it somewhat of a chore to manually place in an xrni.

Hopefully the sample converter will open some doors without having to use

Just a quick update…

Probably not going to end up using ESC…

I was able to use Kontakt Player with non K-player files, not sue if that’s the case for
all but for the ones I got recently it (nki files) works fine…
only thing is K-player times out after some time.

Probably going to just get the latest Kontakt…
quick off topic tip for those in a tight budget… watch for the four season + misc deals.