The Group Buy + Offer Thread.

(Ledger) #1

As there are so often many group buys around and special offers, I think it would be a good to have a thread where renoise users could share what they have found and it will all be in one place for everyone to check as they want…

Kicking off:

A link to It Aliens thread on Quantum leap Group Buys

I have also posted in the above linked thread of the Princeton Digital Stereo Room GB which is also currently running.

So please spam away… :)

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(Paulie Phonick) #2

Shameless Princeton Digital bump.

Really people, be sure to check out the Princeton Digital 2016 Stereo Room - a discount of $101 ($200 -> $99, 50,5% :) ) can be reached if only 36 more people join in. There surely are more 36 people in the World who don’t have the PD2016SR yet and would love to get it for half price. I’m certainly one of them.

Just try the demo (there’s a 30-day-or-100-uses fully functional trial) and you’ll probably fall in love from first sight (hear). I used to think Ambience sounds good, but PD2016SR really opened my eyes (ears).

The group buy will run till the 4th of July, but if you decide to enter, do that as soon as possible so more people will get encouraged seeing the number of buyers increase.

(Paulie Phonick) #3

Hey people!

There’s an update to the Princeton Digital 2016 reverb group buy rules (to the better) - here’s a quote from the original post from KVR:

So if you’ve already ordered, you’re lucky to get the reverb for $99 in any case. If you haven’t entered yet beacuse you’re waiting for the price to drop - you can safely join now, as its either $99 or a refund.

As of today, 20 people have already signed for the group buy and there’s still more than two weeks left so the chance of getting to 50 is quite big.

This is our chance to get this unique reverb for half price, people, go ahead and join in! :)

[gone making bank transfers B)]

(It-Alien) #4

due to excessive expenses I had to face with to furnish my new home, I’ve reached the monthly limit on my credit card, so I can’t benefit of the Stormdrum group-buy…

Oh $%&£!! :angry:

(Paulie Phonick) #5

That $u(<$, It-Alien. I’m in a sort of similar thing as I’d happily get both the 2016 and the EWQLSO Silver, but I can’t fit them both in my budget at the moment… If the GB on the 2016 doesn’t work out and I’ll get my $99 back too late to get the EWQLSO, I’ll be really pi$$ed!.. But I’ve just checked and it’s three more people since today’s morning. I think were on the right course! :)

(vV) #6

Sounds online is again having an action with 50% discounts on various sampler sets, including the Symphonic Orchestra series…

This include upgrade savings so if you wanted to purchase a better edition than you could afford, maybe now is the chance to get the upgrade for a low price.

(It-Alien) #7

thanks Vvoois, that page says that the Stormdrum offer is valid until July, the 6th.

Happy again :)

(It-Alien) #8

not happy anymore. For some reason, the promotion code has been labeled as expired.

well, ok… [CENSORED] it :)

(It-Alien) #9

if you missed the group buy for Symphonic Orchestra, you can still buy it at a very good price here.

It’s an italian site, but it’s quite clear how to buy from it

(Paulie Phonick) #10

Just a reminder - the Princeton Digital group buy ends in four days and we only need 12 more people to grab it for $99. Be sure to give it a try - it really has a unique sound that makes you wonder how you could have lived without before. Once you fall in love with it, enter as soon as possible at ;)

(Paulie Phonick) #11

Final update on the Princeton Digital 2016 Stereo Room group buy: 51 people have already entered as of now which means that for the next two days you can get this great reverb for $99

(It-Alien) #12

if anyone is interested into Crysonic’s excellent Spectralive mastering plugin, there is a group buy running here, until Oct 25 2005, to achieve a buy price as low as $22

(Ledger) #13

Just found Fruityloops have a group buy on Sytrus synth until 31 Oct:

(Anders Kallander) #14

I just signed up for Sytrus … Currently at $95 … 10 more ppl and it will cost $75.

Info about how many currently in the group-buy : FL Studio Web Page
Info and Audio demos : Sytrus 2 Homepage


Anders Kallander


sytrus is the most versatile synth ever.
bought it the day it came out.
even if you don’t know sh** about fm synthesis, it’s an allrounder.
just wanted to say that who doesn’t have it: get it now! :)

(Ledger) #16

Group buy for Prosounds PS1 synth @ KvR:

119 euros to a possible 49 euros running untill 01/12/05

(Ledger) #17

Manystation/ Many guitar Group Buy

closes: 31 May 2006

Normal price $99 that could reach $50

(Ledger) #18

Another group buy until this friday 12th.…er=asc&start=30

Seems you can get filterbank2 for $29

Read Markus from post for details. (may be safe to check price when emailing him)


Soundsonline: QUANTUM LEAP RA GROUP BUY…read.php?t=4053

(Ledger) #19

Manystation/ Manyguitar update:…der=asc&start=0

(Ledger) #20

Manytone GB now at full discount have just tonight got my Manyguitar :)