Extremist Apple Fanboys And Fangirls....

Thanks for lightening up my Sunday morning at work. Shared this a couple of places, hope you don’t mind.

Steal a mac! :P

thanks, this is very funny :)

some days ago, I have been at work at a customer’s place. One of the customer’s workers told me he was going to buy a Mac, and asked me what I thought about it. I of course replied: “It really depends on why you would like to buy it”; he replied: “because it looks good”, then I said: “well, then Mac is definitely for you”.

after a while, he asked me something like:
“but… how… how does a Mac work?”
“er… with electric power…?!”
“no no… I mean… how do you use a Mac?”
“what do you mean exactly?”
“hmm… is… is there Windows for Mac?”

must be a silly saying, but i switched 2 mac cuz for me it`s like Amiga of nowaday.

You seem upset about this, buy a mac. :D

Meaning, overpriced and underpowered?

But I remember being able to play all my favourite games on the Amiga. In fact it was the best versions of most and exclusively on the Amiga for many of the rest.

this is too true!!

Amiga has been the best personal computer I’ve ever used. Miss those days a lot :(

I started an audiovisual study one and a half year ago and I had to buy a macbook through school for editing programs (avid - protools) etc.
I hated that thing so fucking bad for more than half a year. But I have to admit that its a pretty decent machine, its small, fast and doesn’t get slow. Also, I’m putting stuff on it for more than half a year now and I still didn’t lose track of all my documents and installed programs. I love my PC but my macbook is a steady part of my life too ^^


My Windows Vista computer is the best computer I’ve ever used… And I was a die hard amiga fan 12 years ago… The amiga was superior in many areas in it’s day… But the mac today is just the same hardware as windows PCs, but overpriced and running an unix like OS… Linux also is an unix like OS and it’s free and comes in many flavours… Buying any PC without an OS and installing Linux on it seems much smarter to me than buying a Mac… Buying a PC with Windows 7 preinstalled for the same price as one without an OS seems even smarter…

Buy a mac.

I just bought a second-hand macbook from ebay and its pretty good (I’ve never liked any of the PC laptops that i’ve used)

There’s no way i’d ever pay for a new mac though! Utterly ridiculous…

this one is funny! saying “for me it`s like Amiga”, and having "Atari"x in your name, is somehow paradox :P

Oh, this thread again.

What installs a soundcard without a reboot? Every second spend on computer maintenance, is a second not spend in Renoise and most probably a second spend on a PC. :D

You mean you can install a PCI card on a Mac without turning it off? And how often do you do that to think this makes any practical advantage at all?

The last time I had to reboot for whatever reason was…


The last time I had to get into the Configuration screen was…


The last time I had to look up drivers on the net was…


The last time I had a result in a virus scan was…


I can understand the need of PC users to defend their system. If you like games or hassling with computers, Windows rocks. I have a computer for making music, meaning I don’t want to waste my precious time installing gear, updating drivers, caving-in your system as a defence against unwelcome guests, going through countless of tabs to find the right setup… pffff… it depresses me just thinking about it. I don’t care about computers, except when used as a tool to create music. I happily pay more money for less hassle! To me, a PC is a machine that solves problems that wouldn’t exist without a PC.