fake multipattern envelope

Hey, I don’t know if anyone else has already posted this, but I searched a little and found none. I came up with an idea in R 2.8 how to control parameters like in the automation panel but not limited to a currently selected pattern. (I don’t really use the automation panel a lot. It is small and I am a little too clumsy to handle it and I also always get lost there :( ) Anyway, I never really got very convincing results out of my approach, so I never felt the urge to post it. But now the sample editor is detachable and suddenly it becomes really useful.

Ok. You have to spare a track for this. Then set it to mute or turn down the post volume.
Create a new instrument with an empty sample, let’s say 1000 samples length, 96000 Hz, 32 bit, set it to beatsync at a high linevalue (like the numbers of lines of the patterns you want to address. unfortunately it has a limit to 512),
now put it on autoseek (important) and create mentioned track. enter any note in the first line and add a signal follower to the track. Bind that to whatever you want.
In my example I stuck it to the master tracks BPM value so I can adjust the tempo of my song.
play your track and detach the sampler window. now you can draw in it to adjust the tempo, cutoff, or whatever you linked the SF to in your ctrl track.

Adjust your signal follower then, create inertia with the attack/release sliders, dampen the range and offset or add a delay dsp afterwards to delay pulses you drew. it will respond differently, certainly slower than the dsp envelopes. but it is nice to play around with.

Another idea would be to create a multikeyzone controlling instrument, each sample with different beatsync values, rampstyles etc…
slice markers can be useful also as visual helpers.
note, that the signal follower only responds to absolute amplitude value. so you have to draw your envelope on the upper half (or mirrored on the lower)

if you want to control not the mastertrack but any track else yet want to put the control track at the far right for visual convenience, just add a hydra or XY DSP to overcome the SF’s left to right limitation.
this is an example I made with instrument 03 controlling the ,bpm of the song. It is not beautiful but it shows what I mean.

sf2bpm control song

and here are some instruments I made with R3. They are highly WIP but I made a drumkit with overtune and a choir and a pad and a piano and some basses and one time in summercamp… anyway I am too excited about renoise 3 not to share my imcomplete stuff. So feel free to delete it or use it or alter it and feedback is always appreciated of course…

3.0 instr

3.0 & 2.8 overtune basses

This might be the coolest trick i’ve seen so far.

Thanks for the instruments, and the heads up on the automation trick. I’ve seen signal follower combo’s and synced samples to create control data before, but forgot about it. The automation editor is indeed still clunky for multi-pattern automation, but there are some great tools for complex control generation;



I especially like the option in automasher to ‘Trigger on Note (Scale with Note Duration)’, have randomization & ability to have it work on patterns or throughout a complete song.

nifty :)

it’s an old trick…


And this is one of the reason’s why Renoise craps all over the rest…