Famous Trackers

really famous, not famous among the scene, you know what i mean.

i once heard that Liam of Prodigy used trackers, is that true? do you know anyone that really uses them or used in the past?

aphex twin? amon tobin?

was alwaus curious about this

aaron funk , bogdan rackzynski I guess ( I am pretty sure )

Early prodigy did have some trackerish sound to it, but I think they used hardware samplers. I though the new stuff had couple of renoise’ish sounds to it, but I was assured it’s made with cubase.

Nicolay is using Modplug (and probably a bunch of other progs), he did anyway.

I think a read a few posts of him here on the forum …or maybe it’s just someone else under the name ’ brothomstates’

Otto Von Schirach, DJ Hidden, Enduser, I Am Robot And Proud, Richard Devine, Lackluster, Depeche Mode, Combichrist, Unter Null, Skinny Puppy,…

He left, his last message refering to the annoyance for a lacking feature. (one that has been added into Renoise 2.5)

Can anyone remember the exact feature and the thread? I remember him complaining about several features, but I also remember him being rather supportive and understanding.

didn’t depeche mode use Renoise somehwere on their latest album? Think it was mentioned in an interview gearlist in Future Music magazine.

I think it was about the volume meter at the top…




Ouch …maybe it was my ducktape joke ( to cover the vu meter ) that made hime leave

Three things convinced me to purchase Renoise:

  1. Runs on Linux (my bread and butter)
  2. A general interest in trackers as a result of…
  3. A past Remix Hotel interview session with Foreign Exchange (Nicolay & Phonte) where Nicolay spoke very highly of trackers.

I thought he asked for FAMOUS people who use trackers. Aint seeing many

There aren’t many famous people using any kit, it’s typically the domain of studio rats and electronic musicians - famous people usually hire that shit out.

You mean conventional , main stream musicians being famous ?..
I think renoise is mostly used by non conventional ( whatever that is/means ) individuals …why?..cause it’s fastfastfast …and it looks like the control panel of a safety pod floating at the boundaries of the 'local group ’
I am not saying renoise isn’t suited for 4/4 house stuff(it is ) etc …
Venetian snares is a famous hillbilly (in disguise) :guitar:

TBH B-Complex is one of the most famous and most conventional musician I can think of. Most young people who I know and who listen to music don’t know Venetian Snares, but they do know B-Complex for some strange reason. :P

Yeah Yeah sure. I quote:

So far I have only seen those.

didnt autechre say they were a fan of the native reverb? it sounds “grey” or somting.

Coldcut (some of their early stuff I believe at least. I know they definitely used Amigas.)
Most of the names in Breakcore and IDM (V.Snares, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher etc etc) have at least used at some point.

A few are mentioned here: http://www.renoise.com/artists/