Farbrausch Releases The V2

this is the day i was eagerly waiting for since the release of “the product”.
KB just released his self-written synthbeast to public.
the package includes a BUZZ machine, a VSTi and a winamp plugin.

unfortunately renoise thinks the VSTi is a VST FX plugin, so you have to manually fix that from within the CachedVSTs.xml.

change that value to “1” for the V2 and the first obstacle has been taken.

now the synth can be loaded as a VSTi but you’ll soon realize, that changing patches won’t work at all.

the bundled README.TXT by KB says the following:

i don’t know why this should be related to V2’s multitimbrality, but at least i know it’s not renoise’s fault now…

and now comes my question:
how do i send midi program change commands?
is it possible with renoise anyways?
i’m curious to see if somebody of your cracks is able to help out :)

oops, i didn’t mention the download URL, did i?
so here it is:

i don’t find the line in the xml file.

i think we need to create a new entry like

i don’t know, please can you help me ?

ok i found !!
juste rename the file “farbrausch V2.dll” to “farbrauschV2.dll”

:) thanks for your help

thanks bantai.
actually i used that command once a while back when i had my old CS1X hooked up… but my memory is as good as the one of an old alzheimer lady… probably worse.

changing patches is quite a mess with that procedure and you also have to switch the GUI appropriately if you want the sliders to affect the sound.
but the synth is absolutely striking qualitywise.
farbrausch’s “Brüllwürfel”, released two years ago, demonstrates the strenght of that little gem fairly well imo.
can be downloaded here: http://www.farb-rausch.com/fr-028.zip

Beautifull little (but powerfull) baby !

Sadly it not responding to it’s controls and preset changing also doesn’t affect sound change.

Is it work’s fine 2 u guys ?


EDIT: Oh i see now why it happens, and how to overreach it …
Only bad thing that synth GUI controls and sliders doesn’t affect synth’s settings…


Unbelievable !

It sounds just amazing. Not analogish but with rough digital character.
And the filters are smooth.

It contains even a speech synth !


Hope they’ll fix those bugs someday…

farbrausch! :lol:
I guess you have never seen one of their demos?
Might I suggest…
or Poem to a horse
Please notice their size…

2 Parsec:

OOhhh… Now i see how far i lagged from present days demomaking :)
64K’s especially.
Last demos i saw and made music for, was Amiga and Speccy demos :rolleyes:

Thanx for linking me BTW !

Farbrausch rockz :)

The best demo ever made was, however, 2nd reality by Future Crew… Great music by skaven and purple motion and the design was and is the best I ever saw.

OnTopic again:

Thanks for the link. That is, what I was searching for since I was a young girl…

Ehh… in a way the demoscene evolved far beyond that… but under another point of view… modern school design is sometime childish, meaningless, cold… and definitely not as mature as the Design in the Amiga scene was.
Anyway, you can find great productions and sometimes even truly smart design in modern demos… not to mention music. Now almost every demo makes use of mp3 soundtracks… excpet excellent examples like Farbrausch where you can hear their amazing sound system in action :)
Have a decent listening station? Can you pump the volume a bit and still enjoy the sharp sound of a sub? Then give a chance to Paniq… his soundtrack for the fr-036-zeitmaschine is what I defined (on Nectarine)
“The way to turn the classic 4/4 beat into an alien artifact of epic power”

Hmmm… :rolleyes: I’m SO sorry that you wasn’t in the Amiga scene to see the real thing and you only got caught by the PC sub-products… :lol:
2nd reality is a nice tune but to me and a handfull of other old-time sceners it sounds really nothing more than a Desert Dream remix…

Well, actually I was in the Amiga-Scene, once. But I live in a very small town and there were only a few swappers and sceners around here. The best Amiga-Tunes were “Turrican II” and “Xenon 2 Megablast”… Of course, I know that they were not in Demos or Intros…

I also got a musicdisk, once by a group called interactive, which had very neat techno-trax.

There also were some really cool intros by Razor and Fairlight.

But no Desert Dream, do I get it right? :D
I guess there must be some MPG video version of Desert Dream… let me… oh sadness… .they removed it <_<

oh… :blink: look what I’ve found…
:o :ph34r:

Wow…!! Cool… and bizarre… :D

I like Laxity’s work but I’m really not interested in buying his old 500… I wonder if he ever got rid of it… :)

Ok I have found a working link to a video encode of Desert Dream.
It’s an FTP so you guys will have to move that lazy ass of your and run an FTP client, do you remember how to? :lol:
Here’s the FTP: ftp. SCENE.ORG WILL BE BACK SOON amidemos/desdrea.zip
Go… and be enlightened.

I have no money at all… but I guess I’d like to buy it… if not else, just to donate it to some future Technology-Museum :D

1337haxorz muahahhaah!! guy who has bought that kind of domain name, can´t take really serious…

edit, peace

yes, the author of that page, the farbrausch products incl. the synth has absolutely no brain and does definately care about you taking him serious.

No Brain… Well… 1 KB is not that much. j/k


Desert Dream is pretty cool… I did not know that AMIGA was able to do such things…

Great synth, thanks for the tip.

Anyway, on Renoise beta2 it works without having to edit configs… just throw it in your VSTi folder and play with it.