Faster navigation in "open song" and friends


I suggest that the “open song” dialog (and similar, disk browsing selectors):

  1. jump to the first folder/file that matches what’s typed
  2. backspace is used as jump up one level in the directory hiarcy

This is inspired by at least thunar (see attached video) file manager under linux, but I believe this to be pretty standard, I think all linux software that uses gtk file selector works like this…

A small video of thunar with typing selection

Why not just use the default GTK file open/save dialogs? (iirc the windows version of renoise uses default windows stuff for this)

btw atte - for using piano sounds “live” (ie. using renoise basically as a synth module) with sustain pedal/pitch bend/etc etc. working: have you tried out the fluidsynth DSSI plugin? Works great with a decent soundfont. Using midi settings you can even layer several instances for a really rich sound!!! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

  1. wouldn’t it break the look/feel of renoise?
  2. wouldn’t it require renoise to use a window manager?