Feature Request: Adsr Instrument Envelopes With Midi/Automation Contro

In my production style I make excessive use of amp and filter envelope automation, but this is currently not possible natively in Renoise (2.7). A great way to implement this might be to provide a basic ADSR envelope in the filter and amp section of the instrument that can be fully automated, with the ability to add extra envelope points that are non-automated. So basically keeping the same envelope point system as it is currently, and adding a basic ADSR with automation on top of it. It could be as simple as four points being controllable (ADSR), and all other points non-controllable. Maybe the user could even select which four points he wanted control of.

[Edit: I’m referring to automation control of an envelope point horizontally, not vertically. But maybe tying an x-y controller DSP to a point would give both!]

[Edit2: forum thread on this subject Still No Way To Automate Sample Envelopes? (2.7)]

Great Idea! I’m all for it as long as we keep the unlimited breakpoints like you said. I’d really like to see the envelopes eventually upgraded to something like Absynth or Kontakt has.