Still No Way To Automate Sample Envelopes? (2.7)

Maybe I’m missing something here…
I just want to assign one of the cutoff points in the filter envelope of my sample to a controller (or automation), but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it (argh!). I want to control or automate the filter envelope specifically (and not just the filter), so the Filter DSP won’t do the job here. Is there some kind of workaround for this, or is it a feature yet to be implemented? The ability to do this has got me completely on the fence about purchasing Renoise (which I LOVE!).

No it’s not possible at the moment and I didn’t hear about plans to implement it (although I’m not a really good listener).

this posts makes me a GURUHHHH


It would be great to be able to assign a midi controller to control the horizontal aspect of an envelope point. That way a person could make a sample envelope and easily control it’s attack or release time throughout the track. This idea is probably straying too close to full-fledged sampler territory, but a man can dream!
How about it Dev’s? Is this idea implementable, or is it a major re-write?

This is already possible.

Scripting API has[].samples[].sample_buffer.number_of_frames – Length of sample[].samples[].loop_start – Loop start position[].samples[].loop_end – Loop end position

You can add something like this in your GlobalMidiActions.lua:

add_action("Instrument:Change Loop Start",  
function(message) = message_value(message,,  

Tweak as neccesary.

Edit: Now I realize I completely missed the point of this thread. You were talking about envelopes, not loop points… Too early in the morning for me. :D

It was a nice try anyway, I appreciate the effort :D

It has been said many more advancements are to come to the Instruments but you are right, it is still not possible in Renoise natively (and I don’t think through API either but no guru on that.)

What I hope to see in a future version is envelopes very much the same as they are now BUT with a optional ADSR (or similar, multi-point) envelope mode. As the current envelope can have an unlimited amount of points, which can be created and deleted willy nilly I suspect full automation of these may prove to be a bit of a headache, but if the option was given to use a more standard synth style envelope, which can then be adjusted via automation and midi then I feel this may give enough to please most people in most situations.

I agree, I would readily give up the ability to have multiple envelope points for a basic ADSR envelope with full automation/midi control.
Better yet, a basic ADSR envelope with automation/midi control combined with unlimited extra envelope points that are not-controlled. Best of both worlds!
This would make me excited enough to buy two copies :D

[Edit: now submitted to the ideas and suggestions section Feature Request: Adsr Instrument Envelopes With Midi/Automation Contro]