Fetch Correct Destination/max Values In Hydra


Something that has been bugging me or a while now is that when I’m signal following a kick channel and set up a bunch of destinations in a hydra device, for example the volume of another track, it always selects the maximum value for volume (+3.000 dB) instead of what value the volume was in that track (0.000 dB or whatever).

If you’re specifying a gainer device in the hydra it is even more dangerous, as the max is +12.04 dB, potentially messing up your eardrums or speakers if you don’t mute the channel during playback.

You might have carefully tweaked the particular volume or gain setting in a channel you want to control through a hydra, and adding these parameters to a hydra disregards those settings, meaning you have to remember the previous settings and attenuate accordingly in the hydra afterwards.

Is it possible that Renoise fetches the current parameter values?

Would improve my life a little :slight_smile:

If it did I would say it should do it for both max and min. Seems a little strange but I can understand your reasoning…

Good idea would be for the LFO Device to do this with its Offset parameter. That really would make sense!

yeah i agree with this, bugged me before as well. good idea.

Impossible mission for 2.8 final? No biggie, thought I’d bump it nevertheless.

+1 for an offset parameter. I don’t see any other sensible way.