File Format

Hello all!
Quite new to Renoise, and tracking as well…

Used the program a bit, but couldn’t find the formats it exports…
Only .xrns?
I really need to end up with a .mod file, but not so sure if Renoise can export to it…

Can it?
To which other file formats can it export as well?

Many thanks!

It only saves to XRNS. If you would connect Renoise to another host using a virtual MIDI cable like MIDI Yoke, you could record the MIDI data on the other host and export to MIDI, but that is a bit everything.
Owh, there is also a script that converts Renoise songs to MIDI using a PHP engine:
You need this:
and this (script is also included in the upper package, but don’t know if it is the latest):

If you want to write your own converter, you can simply rename .XRNS to .zip and unpack the xml data that is in it.
More info about this can be found here:

Renoise itself will not aim towards exporting to deprecated mod formats. If you need stuff like XM or .MOD for games or console games, Milkytracker is the better way to go…


Well, thx a lot vV!

Just by curiosity…
Found here that Renoise Supports .mod…
that means only it can read it… :[

well, thx!
I’m working now in a project that requires .mod… (DS PAlib)
Maybe the next ones I can use a more up to date file format!

Thx again dude!!!

XRNS is an open file format… Perhaps the coder cares for writing a Renoise sample-only format player.