Filter 2 Presets Still In Renoise Folder?

its not a bug,but i just noticed that in the presets folder,the filter 2 presets are still there,shouldnt they be exchanged with presets for filter 3??

Well, why not?

But you are right, there are no presets for Filter3 yet. If you have some, you can help us and share them…


i just noticed that filter2 is not available in renoise2b3
i really like the dist/ringmod functions as seen in “instrument editor”

now there is not possible to automate these sounds made with filter2-functions

are they to be removed permanently?


tromky: read here

i will see if i can make and remember to save them :D
then i can share them
but it will take some days,im going on holiday for 2 weeks and wont have access to the world wide web