Filter out unwanted Midi while in pattern Record mode


I’m Using a QY700 as my main Midi Clock and sequencer, and I use Renoise as a sampler which I trigger the samples in it via QY700. The problem is when I want to record from My midi Controller in Renoise, as I switch on the record mode Renoise also registers/records the Midi coming from QY, So to speak Renoise doesn’t care about the channel from which it receives Midi. Everything in my setup is on a different Midi Channel. Is there a way to tell renoise to just record from this specific Midi Channel once the Record mode is activated? Sort of a Midi filter thing…

Update: Or another way to put it: Is there a way to disable record mode on the individual tracks separately? In renoise everything goes in record mode once in record mode. It’s kind of weird.



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Hi Taktik,

Is there any plan on adding per track “arm” functionality to Renoise? I bet this would solve a lot of other similar issues and I reckon it wouldn’t be that hard to implement.

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As it seems we’ve got this to try:

But I don’t find the download link for the tool.


Update 2:

Distributing XRNX tools: To share your tools with others, you can create Zip files out of your bundles, which can then simply be dragged and dropped into Renoise by the user. To do so, zip all the bundle’s content (the !content!, not the bundle folder itself), and rename this Zip file to “SomeName.xrnx”. Renoise will accept such XRNX zips as drag and drop targets, copy, install and activate the tool automatically.

Update 3: You need to grab cLib, xLib and vLib libraries off the renoise github repo for the require/includes not to throw an error.

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com.renoise.MidiPerformer.xrnx (286.7 KB)