Finally, Draw Your Own Samples!

Aaah yes! It is truly a magnificent day. Create sample + draw = instant super beautiful wave-loops and drums (and whatnot more)!

Big ups to the Renoise crew!

Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of this feature??

And coming soon… a distortion VST to rival the infamous FT2 “Convert” button ;)

Stay tuned :)

If you have samples from a scratchy record you can use the draw tool to remove clicks and pops. Its quite handy.

Or, vice versa, you can add clicks and pops to simulate a record, if thats your thing.

Depends thoroughly on your creativity.

i really do love this thing!

i havent used a vst synth in days!

and yeah the whole point is that its a blank canvass, quite literally.

There are lots of things you can do with these feature. Back in FT2 times, I remember I drew a basic drumkit, a square wave and a sine wave in 10 minutes just to have some instruments and start composing. For example, if you are into 8bit style music, sometimes you get unique sounds just drawing instead of sampling them.

you can achieve various unusual chipsound- distortion- lofi- noise- or filter-like effects using the draw mode instead of tons of often complex and cpu-hungry chip simulators, spectral tools, granular processors etc.

i’m just experimenting with using it during my live gigs: i play with my left hand on midi keyboard while manipulating with the waveform via draw mode i get impressive spectral and dynamic changes. people coming and asking: where the hell did you get this kind of real-time plugins? rofl

something i missed in renoise a lot. if it was the only change in 1.9.1, it would be still worth upgrading. many thanks for adding this!

I’m very blond. What the hell are you guys on about?

look for the magic button!

… and so BotB went on his quest for the magic button…
… a journey he will never forget… full of adventure, excitement, action and hex!

thanks :)

Benefit of the Blondes:some of them can match pictures.

have i missed an update or somthing? 1.9 has a draw sampler???

1.9.1 has a magic draw button :P


so happy to use this :D

any way to get a pure sine wave?

cough! can’t people read my messages? some secret little renoise clique got a new super secret version of v2!?!?!?

go to sample editor, click the create button in the bottom left corner, then click the draw button in the top right corner. draw in the sample area. there you go.

Yes: Breath deep, close your eyes and let your hand drive your mouse gently. :P

where’s the dropdown menu for simple shapes? sine, square, saw, etc?