Finetuning midi-mapping range to a controller


I have midi-mapped a bunch of global mappings to a controller to navigate through Renoise, one of them being the selection of the current track (Press ctrl+m; global mappings/navigation/tracks/current track[set]). It’s like pressing tab and/or shift+tab on the computer keyboard to go through the available channels, but controlled through a knob on an akai lpd8 midi-controller.

It works, but works really crude, only one 10th of the controller-knob circular motion will move immediately to the sends, I’d like this to be spread more gradually over the complete circular range, but am not sure how to set this up? Midi n00b :slight_smile:

In the mapping window I see ‘map mode’ which is set to ‘Absolute 7 bit’ atm and range options, I can’t seem to change the min/max values here whether in learn mode or not?

Hovering with the mouse pointer over ‘map mode’, in the help balloon information is given on the different modes, is there a mode which should ideally be used for what I want?

Probably should rtfm before making this post, but here goes…might help someone else in the future :wink:

Where can I find the answer to this issue, must be here somewhere; , can’t find?

I’d say +1 to the enhancements to midi mapping implied by this question. We need to be able to configure shit in the details in much better ways, like it’s now is rather a joke.

Back to original question: have you tried a midi-monitor as to what kind of data your controller actually sends? I’ve got a controller which sends standard 7bit cc data in absolute mode, and it works just as you’d suppose when mapping to some slider. Maybe your hw sends different data?. Show us them midimonitor output!

midi-monitor, wat?? :slight_smile:

Checking in the midi-tab, it says something like;

Time; Data; Device; Ch; Type; Subtype/Note; Value;

1:51:15.184 B0 16 07 LPD8 01 Control Change CC 22 7

I take it Renoise doesn’t divide, scale the available tracks automatically across the complete midi range…as adding a shitload of empty tracks (+60) proofs. In the case of mucho channels scrolling with the mapped controller knob feels a lot better.

I have a tool called ’ skip to line’ installed (get it from this post; ), from which you can map a controller knob to scroll through the pattern. Looks like the script does auto scale the mapped mix and max settings depending on pattern size. Probably need a scripted solution for what I want as this can’t be set up natively?