Firing Up

Maniacs of Noise Proudly Present:

FIRING UP (written entirely in Renoise)

Listen at:…noise-firing-up

Some technical/personal info:

This tune was 216 days in the making. Using Renoise. It involved about 40 swaps; 144 patterns. Around 50 samples. It was a mammoth task. We had a lot of fun making this tune. Lots of tracking experience between us all - around 100 years of tracking experience in total!

We all had a dabble in every idea. Nothing got left alone. Truly an epic project and I can’t wait until the next one!

Mick Rippon :)

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Trademark MON style! Nice stuff, could it be that I´ve heard parts of it during Jeroen´s X2010 set? Memory is a bit hazy, cough ^^

This is a work of exemplar awesomeness, and gets better with repeat listens. If humanoid aliens came to Earth and wanted to know what is a prime example of tracking music we simply have to point them to this. Bravo!

Gee… MoN still didn’t died yet… over twenty years old now… I recon about the oldest computer music group around?
JT, Drax & Laxity have been in it for quite a while…
Charles left the scene so long ago…
I always found your stuff fitting into their genre of songs, but never actually suspected you would become part of MoN. Life has some nice surprizes i guess :)

if I can make a critique to this huge monster, is that it needs some relief moments, in my opinion: the beat plays almost always and this is disturbing to my ears after a while. other than this, I pay my respect to these tracking legends: it is really clear that you all enjoyed making this song

I had the same objection about the beat too. But after a while I just let the matter slide, and re-perceived the song as ‘dance music’ or ‘driving music’. In those cases something primal, driving and repetitive works - and there’s more than enough mind-food in the melodic / harmonic layering.

23 minutes of constant rhythm with no changes and constant scale sweeping solo lines… That’s a bit too much for me.

Maniacs of Noise,

Great to see you guys around again!!
I’ve listened to the track and it truly gave me the same feeling as hooking back up the HardSID and play all the great composition of the Commodore64 though the real SID chips!
Well done guys! Respect!



epic length :)

Quelle tuerie ce morceau… Electro / Chip / AmigaStyle.
Il faut que je vienne plus souvent sur le forum de Renoise pour écouter de la VRAIE musique !

Bravo, génial, superbe, merci ;)

love it! gimme moooore!

Listened to the first half several times now. I’m really liking it so far. I need to take more time to listen to the whole thing in its entirety. Great work as usual Mick. I think I can pick out which melodies are yours :)

a true trackers’ programming exploit,
lot of quality work and group energy behind this tune

“firing up” is the definition of the chiptune genre music.

I keep in mind that it is a collaborative work
what explains why there are so many
different - but similar parts
and maybe why it’s could be considered
as too long

  • funky jumpy slapped basslines
  • high usage of glide in saw/sine based leads,
  • typical .MOD modules arpeggio,
  • major mode in chords progressions
  • in one hand what I like the most in this genre is
    that it’s inner creativity stayed focused
    on the “melodic” aspect more than the pure
    fx demonstration, and we have some true
    inspiration on leads. on a structural point of view,
    the inner strength in chiptune genre is that
    it often successfully oscillates between
    “euro-pop” and “fast funky style”.

  • on the other hand, this formula works
    let’s say five minutes, it can be longer but
    musicians have then to introduce a real big
    variation and differences in the used scale, rythm,
    and mood. That has not truely been done
    in this collaborative track, probably because
    of the fact that every member in the process of
    group creation
    had to drop his musical individuality,
    and could’nt sound “too differently”…


Is the module available for download anywhere? Would love to check out those chops - always been a fan!

One loooooooong awesome tune!


I literally just discovered this song and it’s a real banger!! Damn! To my astonishment it was made in Renoise!

Found a download link to the mod, but it was since long deleted.