Where'S Mick Rippon Been?

Looking at http://www.loopproject.com (which is a great source for Renoise extras such as Instruments, if you didn’t know) and the latest piece of news on the front page is release of Renoise 2.0, dated about two years ago.

Contact page says Mick Rippon was the main man behind the wonderful site. Can’t remember seeing much of him on here in a long time!

Not meaning to sound like I’m complaining as it doesn’t stop it being a great resource but it may make people think it is no longer used and material is out of date if that is the first thing they see when going on the site. Seems the news was hand selected so couldn’t just use an RSS Feed or similar to push news from Renoise website as it wouldn’t quite fit with it all. Would be nice if it could have a sprucing up though…

(He has been at least around quite recently though: Firing Up )

He’s in IRC pretty much every day.

Ask him?

Ahh cool might pop in after work then :)

yeah he’s SUPER active on the IRC mate ;) AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO! lol!


I really should at least be in there plugging the competitions and things I run I know!