[fixed 1.1.2] Linux: Redux in Reaper - Keyboard in Phrase Editor not working


does someone know, what I have to configure in Reaper in order to navigate with the keyboard in in the Phrase Editor ? ATM I can only use the mouse. :huh:atin

Edit : Navigating in Renoise 3.1 Linux works fine with the keyboard. Weird stuff. Probably some focusing implementation error on the reaper side or I missed something.

Must be some checkbox I forgot to activate. Thanks in advance. :badteethslayer:


Is there a workaround available to get this hex keyboard working in Ardour?


This is strange.

For a free vst, a workaround was implemented to fix this keyboard problem:


Some hosts “steal” the keyboard focus, so you can’t type any words in the text zone.
It happens with Ardour 4 for example : and VST effEditKeyUp / onKeyUp (and down) are not yet implemented (“keypress are not sent to LINUXVST”) in Ardour.
That’s why i came up with a workaround : click on “Config” button then check “dirty hack”.
and now you should be able to type the words in the text field.

A commercial plugin cannot fix it?

(I’m planning to buy it anyway, because i’m mainly interested in the Sampler)


Experienced the same problem with linux reaper and did post about it in the linux pre release section in the reaper forum. Don’t know if it’s the right time for such bug reports though (beta)… Has someone checked if the same problem is permanent in Win/OSX Reaper? Will buy Redux/Renoise anyhow best sampler/workflow for my use case.

Here the same problem (Reaper native + Redux). I can’t start Redux with the space key or enter notes with the keyboard. Any news about this?

I wanna give this a kind bump :slight_smile:

It is kinda possible to get keyboard events go into the Redux window with Reaper:

Does the ‘technique/workflow’ suck? Yep, but I didn’t write any of this.
In this example I’ve used a virtual keyboard (no, not the virtual keyboard in Reaper) called ‘xvkbd’ to inject the keyboard events. Video above shows that it can be done.

I forgot to mention: A similar technique should work/can be made to work in Linux Ardour as well.

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Nice, going to check this out. :slight_smile:

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Tested, this trick works also with ardour. When using ‘focus follow mouse’ be carefull not to move you mouse cursor out of the window, and have xvkbd floating over your Redux

With this trick I really can use Redux, great!

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Yes, that’s why I demonstrated the ‘trick’ to try and help people (and I don’t own Redux.) (As you can see though the ‘appreciation factor’ was overwhelming.)