⮚ Renoise 3.2.2 & Redux 1.1.2 bugfix releases

Registered versions can be downloaded at the Renoise Backstage and demo versions at the Renoise downloads page.

The Renoise 3.3 feature release is not very far away, but things are going steady but slowly here in general these days, so we wanted to get rid of a bunch of pending fixes better sooner than later. Especially the missing “Apple notarization” in older Renoise and Redux releases gets more and more a problem because more people are running OSX Catalina now.

Songs saved with this version are fully compatible with Renoise 3.2.1. Renoise tools are as well, as the Lua API version did not change.

Changes in Renoise 3.2.2 and Redux 1.1.2

Renoise and Redux

Renoise only

Redux only


Great work, looking forward to 3.3 !

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Stoked for 3.3!


Many Blessings!


Ayy super, I needed a smile :slight_smile:
Look forward to what 3.3 may bring.

Thank you and looking forward for the new release

Thanks for this one in particular! I use autoseek with huge samples regularly, so thanks again for for fixing this one! :smiley:

thanks for all your hard work taktik and team


thanks for the update <3

And of course, THANK YOU! Really love using Renoise, it’s fantastic.

Thank you Thank You THANK YOU!

Great bugfix update, looking forward to 3.3…Thanks

Thank you very much for this new version!

When Renoise is fine it’s a pleasure to use it. You know, you start playing a lot of controls and they all work fast and perfectly.

It will be great to know what’s new for version 3.3 Thank you for continuing to build great software!!!

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Wooow danke!!! Freu mich auf 3.3 <3

My God just tested it here in Linux,we are talking lightning speed.I am really impressed

Thank you for update :heart:

Thank you Taktik. This is not regular ‘daw’ but more of a lifestyle.


It’s always great to see new versions of Renoise/Redux. Can’t wait for 3.3.