[fixed 3.2.2] Can't delete files on Linux Manjaro (“gvfs-trash” is deprecated)

I cant delete any file from Renoise internal filebrowser.
Using Manjaro and Gnome Desktop.

Error Message: Failed to send the file ‘/home/martin/Renoise/User Library/Samples/MyGuitar/2_e3.xrni’ to the Recycle Bin (unknown error).

This is because used “gvfs-trash” is deprecated. Use gio-trash instead.

It would also be a good function to make checkbutton to enable/disable hidden directories.
Thanks for your good work on this tracker


We’ll change things on our side to use “gio” in future releases.

For now you can do the following as a workaround:

sudo echo -e '#!/bin/sh\ngio trash "$@"' > /usr/bin/gvfs-trash
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/gvfs-trash