[fixed 3.2.2] FadeOut Command in Vol/Pan Columns with "Ghost Notes" not ramping correctly

See the attached instrument. Something seems wrong with the ramping or interpolation mechanics in phrases when deleting the sample number?

I’m expecting the arp to fade out, but instead every note will click. I’ve tried various methods and settings to no avail.

stutter_phrase.xrni (2.8 KB)


It seems to behave correctly when putting Oxx in the effect column, so I think there is a bug with the volume column Ox/Ix effect.

Happens in “regular” patterns (non phrase patterns) as well. Will check…

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Has this been fixed now? chrs

Same thing happens with the Jx/Kx commands in the panning column for both the Phrase & Pattern Editor.

Thing is, in my tests, doesn’t the note have to be set to volume 00 for the I command to work?


the above works as expected for me. Confused now!

The issue is for ghost notes.

oh i see - clue’s in the title :smiley: