[fixed r3] OSX: Blue Cat Audio VSTs Appearing Too Many Times in DSP FX


I Installed all the free plug-ins from Blue Cat Audio, which are quite good and useful. But when i went into Renoise to arrange my FX, i found that it had listed the plugs waaay too many times.

I took a screenshot to illustrate the problem, but don’t know how to post it, so have attached it to this message.

The AUs list as they should, and i don’t get this issue in any other hosts.

I’m running 2.8.1 64 bit on a Macbook Pro with OS 10.8.4.

Could it be something to do with the images and other files packed in the VST? I noticed that they contain a lot of graphics files and stuff. Perhaps Renoise is scanning these and adding them as available plug-ins?

I have the same problem with their Phaser 3 VST. I’m not sure what causes it, though I have a feeling that you’re right - it probably has something to do with the huge amount of graphics and config files that come with it.

As for fixing it, I just hide them all and don’t think about them. Select a whole bunch, right click -> hide. You might also have to uncheck right click -> show hidden devices, if it isn’t off by default. That’s all I got.

If you go to the preferences folder (Help -> Show preferences folder) , take the Cached*.db and zip em up and post it somewhere and then post the link here.
I suspect the VST is using some kind of illegal character in its name or the database may be corrupt.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the quick replies.

vV, here’s the zipped cache file: http://we.tl/iMN9slZnkk

Scrittah, that’s exactly what i did too, just starred the one i wanted to use and hid the rest. It works fine like that.

All the presets in the data folder are also seen and listed as plugin, i’m not sure if that is supposed to happen, but if each preset folder has an au stub plugin, i can understand this as a reason to list them. At least you have some guidance to browse these folders and see what is exactly in them and see if renaming/moving files away from Renoise its attention span (Renoise scans all subfolders for potential plugin executables) will work out. (you will have to do a rescan after changing your folder contents and test if the plugin still works properly).

If Renoise is falsely interpreting preset files for a plugin, then this is a bug and above suggestion should not be interpreted as a definite solution.

vV, thanks for checking that out for me. It looks like Renoise is indeed scanning the plug-in presets and showing them as available FX.

I checked the manual for the plug-ins, and it seems they store user-made presets in an external folder, but the basic factory ones are packed inside the VST itself, which must be the reason they show up wrongly in Renoise. I’m not familiar enough with the way VSTs usually store presets and broadcast them to the host to work it out. What is an AU stub plug-in?

I had a look at the AU versions and they also contain their own factory presets folder internally, so i guess they don’t have to reference outside, which means i ought to be ok to remove the VST factory presets to another folder.

I think i will just contact Blue Cat and ask if it’s possible to remove the factory settings without causing any trouble.

Thanks for all your help with this!


So, i spoke to Blue Cat and they say that Renoise is known to have this problem. They suggested i take out the presets from the VST packages, which i did, but it wasn’t much help as Renoise still scans the image and layout files from the plug-ins and posts them as being available FX, so i still end up with a huge list.

Best option is to just hide the folder in the viewer i guess.

Thanks for all the help guys.

Well, it’s up to the devs to move this topic to the bug subforum, but i would classify this one as a Renoise bug.

Bumping this because the same issue is still present in R3 beta.

Sorry for the late reply. Somehow missed this. Will be fixed in Renoise 3 final…