[fixed] Redux: Computer Keyboard with Magix products (Samplitude, Sequ

How about a button which passes the shortcuts through (like revisit)? That would result in a growing community of hosts, e. g. Samplitude.

You say that samplitude is not useable currently, since in a wave editor you always need the internal shortcuts? Sorry, I think I didn’t get the message…

Also not sure I’m getting it. Could you try explaining again?

If you close Redux’ editor (run it in the compact mode) it won’t steal/deal with keyboard shortcuts from the host.

I looked at the revisit documentation, and it is quite complicated what goes on there.

Keyboard Input now operates in 3 user-selectable

modes (indicated on left of the status bar):
[1]Host Mode. reViSiT relies on the VST host
to pass key input to reViSiT (default -
not supported by all hosts).
[2]Auto Mode. reViSiT intercepts all key
input to the host and tries to determine
which is meant for reViSiT, passing the
rest to the host (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+‘K’ -
problematic in some hosts).
[3]Manual Mode. When active, reViSiT
intercepts all key input to the host with-
out passing on. Can be enabled / disabled
whenever keyboard input is needed.
(Ctrl+Alt+‘K’ to toggle).

Personally, I don’t think this is worth doing :wacko:

Just have tested Redux in Samplitude, and the keyboard does indeed not work as expected. Keys are handled bySamplitude and Redux.

We have workarounds for that. Will fix this for the next update.

Cool! :slight_smile: