Redux 1.0.1: Small maintenance release

A small maintenance update to fix a few quirks with some hosts and other small issues. See below for the full change-log please.

Registered versions can be downloaded at the Renoise Backstage.
… it’s tagged as "beta, but will be released as it as stable version soon and replace the current 1.0.0 version, when everything is fine.
EDIT: released

Demo versions can be downloaded at the Renoise Download Page

1.0.1 Changelog

Fixes :

Changes :

  • can now install XRNL libraries by clicking on the small “load” icon in the preset area too (when drag and drop does not work)
  • when installing a XRNL library and the installation succeeded, a small dialog will show what kind of content got installed
  • the little “auto-select-sample” button above the sample list now is animated while it’s doing its job, to indicate what has changed the selection.
    auto-selection also is trying to be a bit more clever, and will not to change the currently selected modulation set of FX chain, if possible.
  • when loading huge (very huge) SFZ files, a warning will show up and explain that Redux loads samples into RAM.
    Redux also should handle out of memory errors in such situations more gracefully.
  • SFZ seq_length (sample cycling) and lo/highrand (round robin) opcodes will now be, when possible, translated to Redux’ global “Cycle” and “Random” overlapping playback modes