Flicflac - Flac2wav / Wav2flac Single-exe Converter

Thought about that.
Are you usually configuring some settings for the VBR, or just let it be?
Let me know what you think is important to control when using vbr, and I can add it.

Version 0.14 is up with VBR support.
Three configurable values for the VBR: Quality level (0-9), min bitrate and max bitrate

I Love it!
Its got his place on my desktop and quickstart menu next to Flash, Photoshop and Renoise :dribble: :yeah:

A respectful place :)
I am thinking maybe to add optional context menu integration - right click on flac/wav and select Convert and be done with it.

cool tool

I was just thinking that’d be a cool feature .

Yes, I mean who needs the gui? right click -> Convert to Flac/Wav/MP3.
This should be an easy implementation, only I noticed that Winamp is “taking over” these file types, so it may take me a little longer to figure out a way to add this context menu in a way that operates on all machines properly.

The GUI of course, will stay, for those who still want to drag files etc.

I also intend to implement it so that you can enable/disable this integration (like Winamp and Winrar let you) so that those who wish to stay in the completely non-OS-intrusive behavior, can choose to do so.

So - feel free to comment or ask for features - weekend is coming, which means 48 hours of uninterrupted coding.

I realize that too many additions will create a bloat, but would it be feasible to add a FLAC => Mp3-option? This would make it a great tool for batch-processing when preparing files for my mp3-player :)

Naturally, that crossed my mind and was not implemented for two reasons:
As you mentioned, I want to avoid bloatness at all cost.

I found a multi format command line encoder (sox), but it requires some external libraries and stuff, so I skipped it. If anyone knows a command line converter that supports FLAC, WAV and MP3 out of the box, let me know.

In any case, FLAC2MP3 may be implemented if there is a demand for it and if it is acceptable that it will probably be slower than other conversion tools due to the double operation.

I like the context menu idea

I think flac -> mp3 conversion should be in. Who cares if its slower, it is still faster and more convinient tham making those 2 conversions by hand, drag one file then another etc…

Its settled then. Will be implemented, probably in the weekend version :)

your best bet is a cheap pc, saves you considerate amount of time.

Yes, way ahead of you :)
Already implemented all three formats to all three formats, with a new smaller GUI.
Just testing now

I tend to agree with jonas about getting a pc and all. mac is good for certain things (although I do not know where it is better than pc, but thats for another thread), but if you would consider porting, or doing your own version of it, I would first examine this: look for FLAC/MP3/WAV converters that work on the mac and provide API’s - I chose to work with converters that are command-line based, so command line is my API, but since I am not a mac user, I do not know what is the equivalent.

Wish I could be more helpful in this regard.

You know, mac is considered to be good for music, graphics and video.
So - I would suspect there MUST be some nice audio conversion tools for mac, without the need for you to do any porting at all, no?
The reason I made this little tool, is that on the PC everybody thinks that they must create bloated software with endless tabs and checkboxes, and I wanted a quick and easy one.

If we’re on the thread derailing train, i’d like to point out that this is basically a GUI to command line applications which, on a mac, can be substituted by dragging and dropping files into the terminal window and typing.

You could make a Dashboard widget which does this, i.e. javascript, drag and drop, pipe stuff to the command line, the end.

Still, I think the effort is appreciated so nice one Icarus but OS X can do this too.

Now as to why (as in why wouldn’t you just use the command prompt and make a simple shell script that pipes the stuff instead of a GUI?) That’s another question, for another thread, too.


Yes, in Applescript, a front end to command line tools for audio, which I guess is similar to Auto Hot Key?

xACT: X Audio Compression Toolkit.

EDIT: Still, I think your Flac2Wav is much simpler in design principles (i.e. better), so kudos. Not meant to be disrespectful. Just remember, OS X is unix for those who want it to be. Command line tools? We got em.

Never wanted to imply that OS X cannot do stuff, just was not sure if there is a “command line” concept, and if there are command line audio converters for the mac, or if there is a smarter way to approach this.

If there are FLAC/MP3 command line enc/decoders for mac, than porting should be easy, assuming one can handle some scripting language or basic programming language.

Wasnt planning to, cause I didnt think there is demand (the thread on autohotkey forum is quiet :) ) but sure, will release the code if you want.

Oh, you are being serious? Awesome.

As suggested, a Dashboard Widget can call the shell, so you could do it that way, and it’s probably the most familiar (if you know xhtml and javascript)

If that’s not your cup of tea, this utitlity (xACT, X Audio Compression Toolkit) is written in Applescript. The sourcecode is available in the download: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/21952

There’s also Pashua, which provides OS X type GUI elements for scripting languages like Perl, Pyton, PHP, Ruby, TCL and other unix style variants which could do the job: http://www.bluem.net/downloads/pashua_en/

Finally, good ol’ OBJ-C?


Ok, major change - version 0.20 is up.
I spent some time testing it, but I recommend you do your own testings before you start mass-converting your precious Renoise tracks… :)

  • Added : Support for FLAC2MP3 conversion (thanks teknocide & Weird Energy). This will first do FLAC2WAV then WAV2MP3 since we are using two separate encoders.
  • Added : Support for MP32WAV and MP32FLAC
  • Added : Error message dialog, in case the encoder returns an error code.
    This is done for two reasons: A) to capture bad behavior done by the external encoders (e.g. attempting to convert ding.wav at 192kbps fails by LAME, but for some reason it still generates an empty MP3 file) and B ) to make sure that if we are asked to delete the input file, we got a good exit code from the encoder.
  • Added : Some configuration in the INI file to control how we handle errors.
  • Added : Verification code to make sure we have an up to date INI file. In case an INI file from an older version is found, an option to automatically update it is provided.
  • Changed: The way we delete source files. Instead of letting the encoder delete the source with a command line switch, we will delete it ourselves if the encoder returned a success exit code.
    This was changed in order to be more generic (for encoders that do not support deletion of input file).
  • Changed: Significant changes to internal conversion functions and to the GUI
  • Changed: !!! IMPORTANT !!! Delete Input File checkbox is now working the same in all file formats (i.e. we will also delete FLAC and WAV files when it is checked).

Please report problems and happy FlicFlacing.

is there any chance there could be wma convertion on this one also?

im so sorry mr.developer, i could not resist :\
hope you don’t mind.

Don’t get mad