FM/Phase Modulation

Hello, I’ve been off on an Adlib Tracker 2 binge lately and I had this waveform sample pack i’ve been using in renoise to recreate the Fasttracker style instruments and expand upon them. I was curious though, has anyone developed a way to link instruments together to modulate one another? Maybe I could sit down and learn some lula and pull it off. Unless there’s some hidden feature I’ve overlooked. It would be pretty amazing to chain modulate waveforms together in any desired format with the added renoise effects. Thanks!

I think this tool is pretty cool: New Tool (2.8, 3.1): MorphSynth

There’s a whole bunch of nice synth-like tools in the tools area.

Also, although Overtune (short explanation) is not yet ready to actually use different samples as modulators, you can definitely do PM:
is a prime example.

ps. I think phase modulation in an effect would be very difficult if at all properly possible. I have written a small ringmod vst tho that does work on leftxright channels (right modulates left and vv - then use stereo expand where necessary).

if you copy some selection in the sample editor and go to another sample, select the third icon next to ‘undo’ on the left side of the sample editor, which is ‘mix-paste’. Now choose ‘modulate’ to multiply the copied selection with the new sample.

but this make ring mod, not pm or fm!

you’re right, didn’t read properly :)

This would be pretty cool.