Focus Based Midi Mappings

Now, that we have that focus system since 1.8, wouldn’t it be nice to have something like described below? I’ve found this in a thread at KVR and shamelessy copy and pasted the text here. :)

Link to the thread:

Sounds cool.
You should be able to turn it off, I guess. (aka assign to a fixed object - in focus or not)
I guess I’m just saying the obvious, tho.

Would be great to have this.

Not a new idea though :)
Martinal was talking about this many times for instance:
Here and here.

sounds like a nice concept as soon as one has gotten used to it.

but i think if something like this would see the light of the day somewhen, it should be optional (via on/off switch) and not mandatory.

Even just being able to set up the controller differently for various VST effects/instruments would be sooooo useful…

In an ideal world, you would be able to set up a default mapping for each effect/instrument, as well as an instance-specific one if need be. Once you have set up everything, you could do a lot of the things you would normally do in track DSP’s in the mixer, by simply selecting an effect and then tweaking your controller. Aww yeah!

yes it would be very usefull,would like to hear what the devs think about this

If for every +1 I enter in this forum, I would have recorded a note in a renoise song, I’d have finished 3 ep’s a long time ago :(