Folders For The Vst Plugins Directory In Renoise.

Hi all,

My suggestion is the ability to add folders in the renoise vst directory and drag and drop vsts in them (much like the disk browser). This will allow users with allot of of vstis to orginize them and keep the list from being enormous like it currently stands.

This would really help us, please consider this for the final 1.8 renoise.

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I was thinking that all we would really need is a right click “add folder” button in the vst listing window. Then like our disk browser we could just have the “+” icons to expand the folder.

That would REALLY help keep the directory structure somewhat manageable.


I also suggested this a long time ago. However, with the new search feature, I find a directory structure to be unneccesary.

Have you tried it?

I have. Its not so much having a search, but confining the vstis so I can a smaller viewpoint listing. Like having song notes, I like to keep my vst listing informative and clean for a professional feel. Any orginization is a much needed feature.

I think this could be a nice.
You could group effects/instruments by type, developer, smell, whatever.

Excatly! Renoise is such a intuitive software experience, anything to improve workflow is a big deal for the users.

+Favorite VSTis


You get the idea . ;)

yes! this has been suggested many times before, and imo would defenitely come in handy organising all the plugs. bump

yup! 1up


I would be fine with it if these folders are logical only and specific to renoise, not actual directories in the file system.

Correct - this should not influence your “vstplugins” folder and only modify what Renoise would see. That way plugins would not have location issues and host users can modify the folders carefree.

I disagree.I don’t have location issues and I think that vst plugins structure view should refer to actual file system as in energy xt.

If it would represent the actual folderstructure I have right now in my vst plugins folder it would be a mess! 2518 folders :blush: Sometimes just one file in one folder.

Nah, it should be like the way you can organise plugins in wavelab. Simply make a folder in which you can drag the plugins you want in there (with nothing changing the actual folder structure) -> that way you can also have the same plugin into multiple folders… like one in “developer-name folder” & one in your favorite delay plugins blah etc.


Again renoise should ONLY influence the file structure within Renoise itself. This could just be simple directory tree code into a xml file pointing to the actual windows directories. The windows installation directories should always remain untouched. Otherwise, other host software that uses vsti’s or the vst’s themselves may get corrupted due to folder names and locations changing. I know quite a few vst’s that you cannot change nor mess with the original installation paths.

Adding the ability to organize the listing within renoise would really clean up the messy listings we have now. The code for “TRACK DSP” already has + and - expanding system. It seems that the code to add custom names to both the vst and vsti structure would not be to difficult.

I can see that it could be useful…

But I’d also prefer to have the VST folder and subfolders displayed as they are in the actual file system.
That way it would be the same as in some other apps that work like this. For example Energy XT or Cubase.

virtual folders is better…
maybe if you’re really nice both will get added

When creating the virtual folders, Renoise could simply use the current folder structure from the harddisk as starting point, if one wants to modifiy it, It shouldn’t affect the folders on the harddisk. A simply sync to hd checkbox could be implemented. So both sides are happy.

Sounds good, but i think for now it could refer to actual file system and proper vst manager Taktik could program maybe after some more useful things like new arranger, more advanced control stuff (feedback on controllers, mmc, …), VSTi multitimbrality.

You see, everyone has different setups here and different configurations. Having a modifiable directory structure allows you to “have it your way”. If you like how it is on your windows file system, the beauty is you have the ability to make it so within renoise.

I’ve been writing since soundtracker 1.0 on a amiga 1000 back in 1984 (hell, was doing SIDS on the c64… but thats another story =) ), moved to the pc after working for volition / THQ / Interplay / Capital Records. I’ve gathered so many vst’s, well since they first were introduced that anything to make it easier to locate, apply, and get the work flow going is a huge deal. I’ve written with all the professional sequencers and they allow you to configure your interface for what works for you. Its time for renoise to have that flexibility for us users.

Since within Track / DSP we already have the code to have vst plugins within a + & - locator, it seems it would be rather easy to implement this much needed feature.

I think there should be 3 different views… the one we have now… the file folder view… and the user defined group view…

… and I DEFINITELY see a need to be able to group both VST effects and VSTi Instruments… I have so many of them that I always forget what each one does, and if I could group them together, this would save me tonnes of time. Also, the ability to give effects and instruments unique labels would be nice too :) I’ve got alot of effects that have really unintuitive names

word to the BYTE-Smasher man, being able to rename/label a vst(i) would be a great feature I’d also use.