Follow/Play Cursor Going Backwards Sometimes - Magically

Hi I have an issue that sometimes happens when I’m using renoise. I’t happens with/without vst’s open.
What it does, is that it all of sudden begins to slow down the follow/play cursor(I’m always in follow mode) until it begins to go backwards. No matter how many times I restart Renoise it still happens. Only when I restart my computer it stops.

It’s like someone is holding down my “arrow up” key, but it doesn’t affect any other apps, only Renoise(maybe I have a ghost, that doesn’t want me to make music, but it’s getting quite annoying).

Btw. I’m on one of the new aluminium Macbooks from late 2008, running OSX 10.5.8.


could you veirfy if there is some MIDI or Rewire application attached as master to Renoise? other than this, I have no clue about what could make this occur on Renoise only

Or is there something which sends MIDI clock or MMC commands (your master keyboard probably)? Then try disabling the MIDI clock slave device in the MIDI preferences.

Does this only happen in the Pattern Editor, or also in other Renoise GUI parts?

There are some people on OSX which have problems with stuck arrow keys, but there the problem is that the arrow keys are not recognized all the time:

How are your keys setup for OSX spaces?