Forgotten Woods (Final)


i’m currently working on a song for a game soundtrack competition. One has to create a song for a fictitious fantasy role playing game, where the player get’s attacked by some battle mages and you’ll have to create the music for this scene.

Most of you know, that i’m normally not into this kind of music, but i’m pretty satisfied with the results i’ve currently achieved. I’m looking for comments, on how to improve the song and some ideas, on how to continue the song further. I’ve hoped to get a length of three to four minutes and the final song should be loopable.

If you’re interested to comment on this song, mail or pm me for the download link. As i don’t know, if publishing the song before the deadline is allowed, i’ve chosen to do it that way.


I’ve submitted the song to the compo, so here is the download link:

I’ve slightly modified this one, so if i had sent you a download link, you should download the file again for a recent version.

After checking out some game tunes from commercial games on my harddisk, i’ve decided to keep the current length. Most of them were between one and two minutes.

The song should be looped within the game, so that the reverb from the end should overlap the beginning of the song.

Update: The song needs to be loopable from beginning to end, so i’ve removed the reverb trail.

Another update: I’ve changed some cymbals as suggested by sonicade and added a very small drum part to the end, so that the song sounds better looped. This is now the final version.


Good suspenseful stuff. Would work well with something like the Silent Hill series. Either that, or Super Mario Kart. :)

Nice job! The improvements all sound good. I like what you did with the cymbals, they don’t sound repetative and add to the track very well now. Nice drum work. I used a Winamp plugin, Pyramid Data MP3-Splicer to loop the track. It is the best plugin I’ve found for gapless output. The track loops nicely.

Hmm, not sure about Super Mario Kart. :blink: :lol:

I haven’t noticed any gaps with WinAmp 5 and the ogg version with repeating enabled. Unfortunatly i couldn’t get rid of that gap in the mp3 version i’ve uploaded to If someone knows a mp3 encoder, which can produce gapless mp3s, give me a hint. I currently encode my files with Sound Forge Audio Studio.

Thanks for the comments so far. :)

The dark castle levels in Mario Kart!

Sound Forge Audio Studio should work just as well, I use LAME since it is regarded as the standard for encoding high quality MP3s. LAME is a command-line mp3 encoder so I like to use a GUI with it because I can’t be bothered to memorize complex command-lines. ;)

LAME v3.97b2
Razorlame (LAME GUI)

I recommend LAME but it’s possible that is re-encoding your mp3 which is creating the gap. Both Sound Forge Audio Studio and LAME should encode your .wav file exactly as it is which is why I would suspect something besides the encoder. Try removing the mp3 with the gap from completely, then uploading a version which you are certain has no gap.