Forum Software Updated

It looks pretty good, but I am experiencing one problem: I’m not sure why it is, but I have to log in every time now–the option to automatically log me in doesn’t seem to be working…

Maybe throw away your cookies after logging off for this board and recheck the box when logging on might help.

Throw away cookies?! Well I never!
Anyway, the new Renoise theme is looking very purdy pulsar.
And some stuff like multiquote, quick edit and PM and a calendar even. They’re just beyond!

i assume that was asked before.
will there be a delete- button for posts?

I’m getting email notification from the “Off topic” forum. followed instructions to unsubscribe and nothing happened. :huh:

any thoughts on this?

@engine: maybe, gotta check the config possibilities.

@avb: was the subscription made bevore the forum upgrade or afterwards?


Nooooo… the board is stuck inside a frame again, put it back to how it was please!

I asked Bantai to change that again, because the board outside the frame looks simply broken.

If you want to browse the forum without that frame, use this url:

Meanwhile we are working on a solution which removes the frame and even looks good ;)

Hurray for the without frame URL! :lol: :yeah:
New board looks great too. :) I like the Renoise-ness of it. :ph34r:

Wouldn’t it be just better if the “community” link pointed to
IMHO the larger forum looks better + it’s more “consistent” since if you open a forum page (let’s say a thread) in a new tab from the narrow view it will be displayed large, anyway.
And I still get this problem (on two different PCs).

It would be nice, if one could edit the topic title, when editing the first post of a topic one has started (like KVR). I’ve just found it useful for editing a title in the song forum from “work in progress” to “final”.

You can only do this as a moderator But if you would desire your topic-title being changed tell me the title and i’ll adjust (or any other willing moderator) the topic title.

Ok, please change this thread title from “Help With Song Needed (work In Progress)” to “Forgotten Woods - Final”. Thanks! :)

nice. working fine here. :)

Yes very nice, this simply feels good :)

I guess you should remove the link as well then…

OK something has changed on this site (or my computer) in the last 15 minutes; no longer loads the front page of the forums without the divided top section…I just mention this because like to browse forums without any frames or unnecessary items to load on the page…makes scanning through a bit quicker

Can someone else verify if this is the case universally or just on my end…if it is the whole board can we either get it fixed or at least a simple explanation as to what’s changed and why…

no big deal really…

See Bantai’s post a few posts back, he just said he had changed this. :) It takes up a bit more space now, but it’s ok for me.

Just saw an lo-fi version of the board without the topbar, but unfortunately the buttons seems gone…
The LO-FI version