Forum Rankings

just purely out of curiousity, and slight boredom today…

does anyone know the number of posts required to get to each ranking? is there any specific increment that it goes up by?

i’m sitting at “Member” and am curious as to when i will become an “Advanced Member”, haha.

since everything is about status in our renoise world, this is very very important information. hahaha in all seriousness though i don’t really care, just curious.

Are you here to rank up?! Or to do renoise?

I think he aspires to levitate one day

Achieving the highest Renoise forum rank unlocks the hidden breakcore generator feature in Renoise

Is the number of posts only criteria for ascending?
One would expect that uploading songs gets you more coolness points, especially uploading them as .rns or .xrns files so others can learn.
Open-source knowledge ftw!


i just want to feel special like the gurus. is that so much to ask?!?!!

More anti breakcore sentiment from It-Alien. :D He’s really on a roll …

Just post a lot of replies and your rank will crank up.
But there is no prize for getting the highest rank. Giving good information or links to nice stuff does supply you with a good load of respect.

of posts for rank under the avatar

Someday, I’ll be a levitating motha fakkah renoise guru… someday…

The top four have an aproximate 5000 posts and then there is a gap of almost 3000 posts to number five. So anybody considering going for the top 5 within a rediculous short time is also considering being banned B)

i’m going for 15,000 by tomorrow. i’m gonna stay up all night and post a reply in every single topic in this forum. if anyone tries to stop me i will eat your children.

help as many and as much as you can.

this is the path to Guru Status. :)

If you do that with the intension matching Choice’s below idea, be my guest,but fortunately (for anyone’s sake and for the proof of quality of Renoise) , we don’t get 15.000 support requests a day on the server.
Besides, if you reach near 5000, you have reached the ultimate level.

It would actually be quite amusing, and quite possible since you download your digitally signed version from backstage… Just add some code snippets depending on the user’s forum rank and voila, instant breakcore gratification!

By the way, I remember yelling at you a couple - 4? - years back. I’m sorry for that, I was probably having a bad day… I think you were bashing electronical music (or well, more specifically techno.)

You are already a levitating motha fakkah trance guru… I adore you! Love your tunes. :yeah:

to achieve a glorious amount of posts in a tremendously short time, simply do it like some others do and treat the board like a oneliner script or instant messenger substitute.

I lol’d… good approach? :)


absolutely splendid.
pouetization in progress ;)

Just wait for someone to start the Renoise-forum equalent of chinese farming