Forum search not working?

I’m trying to do something clever with Lua and OSC, and wanted to first see if anyone had done something similar, so I did forum search for “OSC” (without the quotes).

I search for “Lua”. No results for that, either.

I know that’s wrong because I’ve posted to different forums here about Lua and OSC.

Any ideas why I get no results for those searches?

The forum’s search feature requires a keyword that is longer than 3 chars in size. LUA and OSC unfortunately are both 3 chars in size, hence you don’t find anything.
You might find something when you use the keyword “script” though and then OSC added.

As vV pointed out, the minimum search keyword length is 3 characters.

Some tips to get around this:

Ah, thanks.

And thanks for the tips.

There’s a topic I made about this in the Tips&Tricks section: Use Google