Use Google

This is not a trick for renoise, more for the forums. Don’t use the forum search, just Google “renoise blablabla” instead. Example: I was looking for this topic, typed into the forum search:

  • breaks
  • 200 breakbeat
  • breakbeats
  • xrni 200
  • xrni break
  • xrni breaks
  • etc.

And the search func didn’t seem to go try and list it. Then I googled

  • renoise 200 breaks

and BAM! first link.

So people. Please don’t hope for the forum search to put most relevant, or most recently updated topics first, or to even find it.

For even more accurate results, use: your search here

For more entertaining results, use: --> “Images” tab :)

I prefer Bing. but I noticed that too. seems easier to find threads in search engines


Haha, that was funny :lol:/>

Oh noes, have I ended up in some crooked alternate universe where Bing actually works?

It depends on how over-personalized the google results become/remain in the future, for me…

Don’t sign into gmail and allow google to store cookies. problem solved.

Mainly, yes.