Forum Software Updated

hard not to notice… something has changed here. I have just finished upgrading the forums to a more recent version of invision board.

The theme and Emoticons will be updated next. Stay tuned!


Seems to be a lot of weird stuff going on with some of the threads though. The HTML layout of the newer board is being destroyed in places by the quoted replies from the older board.

You can see it happening very clearly in the “Renoise 1.5.2 Final Was Released” thread:…=8391&st=75

Much better GUI!

yeah, already noticed it… already trying to pinpoint the problem here. i fear its hidden somewhere in the templating engine. It seems IBF has to solve it, gotta drop them a ticket tomorrow.

The template is, like, totally the default?!

Whatever man!

yes, its the default template right now. IMHO the problem emerged by converting old posts to the new forum version.

quote issue should be fixed now. Thanks to the lightning fast IPB support team.

Only a minor issue: If one clicks on the “” or “Forum Rules” links at the top left of the forum, the frameset gets doubled. problem is fixed for now, the forum rules seem to be hacked in a different manner. I can find the target="_top" line in the forum rules template, but that template is not being used.

yeah, i chaged that one, must be a cache thing. Still looking into it.

Theres an (to me) annoying horizontal scrollbar.

can you make a screenshot of that issue? i am not exactly sure i know what you are talking about. If its about the emoticons chooser - this will be fixed soon.

Its really no big worry, take a look… [edit: And it’s not because i just posted a big image :D ]

Yeah this is nice. There’s an annoying scrollbar here too, and I’m on a 1920px widescreen. Doesn’t really annoy me though. :)
Quick edit is wacky cool.

if you open it from (the link to not show the renoise logo up the top) it seems to alleviate the scroll bars

(some of the smilies dont seem to be loading up from my end, fyi…and they are as follows)
:walkman: :dribble: :eek: :w00t: :guitar:

:angry: I don’t like this one bit! Make it look pretty!

AAA! Scared me you, guys! :ph34r:
It’s necessary, i understand. And…
A lot of work you have to do to make it looks perfect again like old time version.
Good luck with this hard fixin’ and fittin’

look, i could have leave the board closed for 2-3 days untill all of the work is finished or open as soon as possible so guys like you can continue posting. As stated above: it is still to come - theming etc.

Take your time Paul.

it looking good, its nice a fresh on the eyes!!

if you ever think of changing CMS most def check out Drupal 'its Fine.
seriously very nice!

it would be really cool if maybe could We possibly have Upload Attachements?