Free Eastwest Sampled Orchestra Vst

could be fun!

you have ot fill in a little form before you can download it.

w00t! Thanks for the headsup! :)

ends january 31st. be quick!

vV mentioned this one a little while ago: Free Play Edition (mac/win) Of Ewql Symphonic Orchestra...

I had kind of forgotten about it actually, so thanks for the reminder anyway :)

oopsie. still; should be fun. :walkman:

Note to self: download this

I second this note.

I have the Gold version. The “Silver version - PLAY Edition”, which I believe is the one they are giving away for free, is not that giant leap forward they were promoting from the Kontakt Edition: they probably wanted to get rid of the Kontakt licensing costs but didn’t manage to get the same engine quality (which is no surprise, however). Also, the need for an USB dongle is quite annoying (it is only needed for the pay version. a nifty way to thank us for paying the license…).

anyway, the best hint I can give you is to read the product manual before even loading the thing or you will not appreciate the complexity and then the potential of this library.

Thanks dude :) We’ve heared what it’s capable of through your music, so I’m actually thrilled to give this a go!

Did anyone have luck installing it?

I can’t seem to make it squeak, all the buttons are pressing fine, meters are going up but no sound is coming out on my side.

Could be that I didn’t install PACE anti piracy DRM stuff?

If the PACE Ilok stuff won’t work, then the Play won’t work at all (you get an error screen or nag screen to install it), but usually, you have to select an instrument in the “Play” plugin prior to use it. You select the instrument and you set the midi channel that the instrument listens to. In the VSTI properties panel, you take care that you select the same channel number.
If you want to use two instruments, then assign another instrument to channel 2, create an alias instrument in Renoise that points to channel 2. Etc.

Does not work, tried to load patches and mess around with the control, it displays the number of voices playing, CPU usage alrite but no sound is coming out.

I had to run it through the Primary Sound Driver since it does not see my ASIO drivers apart from ReaRoute.

I uninstalled this piece of junkware already (keeping the samples though;) but it seems to have something done to the system, the hard drive light wouldn’t go out now when the system is running, if rebooted it may not start and now sometimes hangs on the bios testing screen, I have no idea what is going on.

There is something wrong with this program, be careful.

Ah, yeah, and when I got finally this thing installed and rebooted the system the antivirus came on with a warning screen but didn’t find anything.

i got it working, none of the best instruments unfortunately :(

actually i take that back. there are some cool sounds here…

'it-alien, i don’t suppose you’d like to post us a zip of a cello instrument? :rolleyes:

Perhaps the Cello Spicatto from the Loopproject (Which is already a 2 octave XRNI file ;) )

I think that one’s from Edirol Orchestra? Drastically inferior in quality, but hey… it’s a cello :)

anyone know if you can load kontakt format sampled instruments into the free version of play?

i’m not on my music computer so can’t check.

cos this looks like a cool kontakt format instrument…

My link

The site itself explains it all: