Free Play Edition (mac/win) Of Ewql Symphonic Orchestra...

If you ever wanted to try the Symphonic Orchestra plugin, you can now do so with a free edition.

Fill out a survey with approx. 20 questions and then submit your email address to receive a download link and confirmation password:


The free edition consists out of 3 downloads sized 1,5GB of compressed zip-files (there is a 64-bit download for Windows as well).
Their survey has one flaw, one of their questions force you to check off at least two answers at
minimum while the logic does not excepts the situation where the option “none” applies…

The download amount is limited to 50K users per month, so be quick or try next year…


thank you, vV

thanks for the heads-up. dling now.

Many thank, vV

Thanks, good find!

Cheers, vV! :P

Nice, thanks very much VV ;)

Downloading now. ^^

i got it downloadet,but still have to install it :D

Oh man thanks for the heads up, I got this just in time (it expires on the 28th)

…that was close :D
dude, thanks for the pointer.

Error 1606. Could not access network location %VSTPLUGINS%

What is this crap?

Does the %VSTPLUGINS% refer to some value like \computername\drive\folder? Or isn’t it set at all in the system variables?

No idea dude. I know about a folder C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins%VSTPLUGINS% :D
Its not on a seperate network partition or something like that.

Hmm. I actually like their current (non-Native Instruments) interface more than most of the stuff that’s out there, but this download is REALLY limited. You get what you pay for, but it’s a bit rum that they call this a ‘free edition’ as if it’s a complete product; it’s really not. I might buy the Silver edition at some point anyway, partly on the basis of having tried this free version, so I guess their marketing strategy is sound enough.

But don’t think you’re getting free shit; just think of it as a limited demo :)

Antischocken: you don’t say when you get this error. If you get it after you’ve loaded the VST or started the standalone exe, there are some folder options that let you select or deselect network locations… If you’re getting it during installation, I’ve got no suggestions. I installed mine from one non-default partition letter (L:) to another (G:), with the VST in yet another (F:\VST) and had no problems.

If you’re using XP, one possibility is that some other program has added a registry entry or system-wide environment variable that isn’t being referenced properly. Search in regedit.exe for references to VSTPLUGINS and also look in your env vars (Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> System Variables). If you’re on Vista or 7, I got no clue.

I get this msg when I start the included .msi file to install the application. (right after doubleclicking it, short “scan” and blub)

Google is your friend and proves me semi-right, at least :) Have a hunt through the registry and see what you can find. Seems it’s not specific to EWQL, but something else on your system has mucked things up.

No, well, if you go to a command console and type SET, it should show you all current environment variables and else you can also see those (including the system variables) in the environment variables dialog, popped forward by the button on the advanced tab of the “My computer” properties

What i rather think that is the problem:
Some programs look for every “disk” location available in your “My computer” environment if you have a VST plugin folder in there.

Rightclick all network connections in your “My computer” environment and select “disconnect” to get rid of them.
In the command console you can do this as well:
You can do a “NET use” to list any current existing network connection.
The things is, that the network connection exists, does not mean the resource is available.
So perhaps removing existing connections by doing
NET use [drive:] /delete might get rid of the problem.
If you only see a link to a \computer\folder in the list then:
Net use \computer\folder /delete
works as well.

The “NET use” list is empty. And if I do a search for %VSTPLUGINS% inside the registry, I do get too many results to locate the usefull one. I did a registry related solution which I got from soundonline forums, but it didnt work too.(oh my…I did a googlesearch already) The question is: Is the plugin worth to install it? I may just use the samples then. <_<

The plugin already makes use of the programmed layerings of the samples, but you can always use the samples in another sampler plugin if you prefer.